The Big/Little Process of a Sorority

When I was rushing for a sorority, I was looking for my home, to find my sisters for life, my bridesmaids at my wedding, and to make memories that will last a lifetime. The process of rushing a sorority is a lot to handle, but it’s so worth it in the end when you find your new home and your “go to” group of girls. For me, I was fortunate enough to click with a specific sorority the first night of recruitment, where I just knew that this was it. It sounds quite cliché, yet you will know when you have found your home away from home at your college or university.

One of the most exciting parts of joining a sorority is to get your own big. To me, getting a big was something I was most excited for. I wanted my big to be someone I could look up to, be my go to for the time leading up to initiation and beyond, and most importantly, a special bond. I was lucky enough to have met my soon to be big the first night of recruitment week. As soon as I met her during rush week, I knew that I wanted to be her friend regardless of my end decision of choosing my sorority. Little did I know that I would not only join the same sorority as her but that I was fortunate enough to click immediately with her and become close friends.

How do you know who you want to be your big? Well, when you are going through all aspects leading up to initiation, you want your big to be a sister you clicked with and understands you. I wanted to find the “big me” to my “little me.” Although it is exhilarating to find out who your big finally is, it may be difficult to choose one sister who is an inspiration and someone who is similar to you. After speaking to my big coincidently several times during recruitment week, I knew she was someone that inspired me to be a better person based on her as an overall extraordinary person. I felt as though she understood me on many things from personal hardships to interests.

My big truly changed my life for the better. As soon as bid day came around, our connections from recruitment week strengthened even more. I’ve always been a religious person yet for a period of time I grew distant from my religion. I had always wanted to reconnect with my faith and I was immediately transformed when my big and I attended church every Sunday and I saw her love and passion for our same religious beliefs. She inspires me to live my best life, to make the right decisions, to always stay true to yourself, work hard, and to live a safe and guided life through my faith and heart. She is my go to best friend, mentor, and inspiration. I am blessed to have met such an extraordinary person.

Finding your person, go to, and mentor in your sorority is one of the most thrilling experiences when becoming a new member. Each girl going through the process of finding your big will find their person and little family. I was grateful enough to have met one of my best friends, sidekick, and one of the greatest influences in my life