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5 Reasons 8 a.m. Classes Are Not the Worst Ever

Ahhhh, 8 AMs. The three syllables that every college student hates to hear. As luck would have it, I managed to trapeze my first two years of college avoiding these horribly timed classes. However this semester my luck ran out, and a required class was only offered at 8 am. At first, I was optimistic. I’m a morning person- what better reason to get up and start my day than with a purpose? As the semester went on, my optimism disappeared and my snooze button became my best friend. In an effort to get my optimism back, I’ve thought of a few positive things about starting your day before the sun comes up.

1. You’re up before the sun. Which also means you’re up before 75% of your peers. Which REALLY means- you get a dope parking spot and avoid the mile walk across the parking lot. 

2. You feel like a real life adult. Instead of being in the Dunkin line with hungover college kids, you’re in the Dunkin line with well-dressed professional adults on their way to a real life job. 

3. You have so much more time to do things with your day. It’s amazing how many things you can get done before noon (that aren’t sleeping). 

4. You get that elusive booth in the Union. In fact, you have options of what booth you want to sit in. 

5. Most professors that have an 8 am class hate it just as much as you do- chances are, if you are present, that list is going to be passed around for extra credit. 

So the next time you think about hitting snooze for the fifth time and going back to bed, remember that once we are real life adults and on our own, the 8 am life is going to be everyday life. Start enjoying it now, and make the best of it. Or hit snooze, I’m sure I will a few more times :) 

Katelyn is a Senior at the University of Maine studying Psychology and Child Development/Family Relations. Her involvement with Her Campus began at the UMaine chapter in 2015. Currently she is President/Co-Campus Coordinator of the UMaine chapter. In addition to HerCampus, Katelyn is also Secretary of UMaine's Active Minds chapter. Katelyn's future plans include traveling, being a dog owner and figuring out how to be an adult. Fun fact: she uses excessive amounts of hairspray & loves to wear black.
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