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5 Foods to Help Boost Your Mood

When you’re looking for something to eat when you’re in the studying rut be sure to reach for some of these mood boosting foods.

1. Tea

Green, oolong or Black tea can help you maintain focus and give you the boost of energy you need. The caffeine will not only give you that energy boost but also hope you stay alert and maintain focus on what your objective.


2. Chocolate

Studies show that eating dark chocolate twice a week can reduce stress levels. This is good to help with stress in moderation. But when its finals week eat all the chocolate!


3. Nuts

Grab a handful on the go or snack on them while studying! 


4. Fish

Studies show that fish can help fight depression. Having fish every so often can help your mood along with many other benefits


5. Fruit

These are rich in vitamins and are the best thing when you are craving sweet.

Ali is a third year Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Maine. She enjoys volunteering with FIRST Robotics, reading and spending time with friends.
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