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I have always wanted a tattoo, but am just too indecisive to choose what I should get. This is why I was so interested when I stumbled upon Soul Tattoos one day on SnapChat. A Soul Tattoo isn’t designed by the client, but rather their soul.

What are Soul Tattoos?

Ashley Glynn, also known as Ash, is a licensed tattoo artist and Reiki healer that practices Soul Tattoos. Soul Tattoos are designed by channeling into the client’s energy to produce a design that is supposed to help them become their best selves. This makes every tattoo unique to each client with its own personal message.

Ash graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design and was awakened into her spiritual power by her grandmother. She combines her love of art and spiritual connection to create Soul Tattoos. Ash is based in San Francisco, California. She travels around throughout the year to different cities and even to other countries.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is based on the idea that there is an energy that flows through us all and gives us life. The word Reiki is composed of the two Japanese words, Rei meaning “Universal life” and Ki meaning “life force energy.” During a session, a practitioner lightly touches the patient to channel energy into them. This energy promotes healing, relaxation and overall wellness.

Ash uses Reiki energy during her tattooing sessions to help relax her clients and cleanse their energy, so that they may receive the messages provided by her tattoos.

How does it work?

The sessions start off with tea and meditation. It is during this meditation that Ash channels into her client’s aura and receives messages and medicine from the client’s higher self. She uses these visions to design the tattoo. The visions usually consist of plants, sacred symbols, animal totems, numerology or astronomy.

After creating the design, Ash presents it to the client and discusses where it should be placed. The placement is decided by aligning it with the client's energy so that it is put on a place of personal healing.

Ash then relaxes and opens the client’s energy with incense and Reiki, before starting the tattoo. Ash uses the stick and poke method, dipping a needle into ink and poking it into the skin by hand. She uses this method because it closely resembles ancient tattoo rituals and taps into its magical origins.

How to get your own Soul Tattoo

Ash accepts bookings through her website, Wadulisi Woman. Currently, she is booked for her spring session in the United States and she will be traveling to Europe over the summer. Her bookings for the United States will resume in the fall.

I do suggest saving up if you want one because Soul Tattoos are not cheap. Sessions in Ash’s studio are $277 per hour and sessions at residencies are $333 per hour. An average session is about 3 to 4 hours.You can see examples of her work, as well as some artsy photos, on her Instagram @wadulisiwoman.

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