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As you know we are big fans of fitness at HC-UIowa and we are always searching for the latest and greatest exercises, health, and fitness programs. Just recently we had an opportunity to try something else new from a company called O2 Max. Their goal is to help young people maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter how busy they are (us college students need that). They offer personalized fitness plans and live video training, you won’t miss a beat with their help.

Now when O2 Max offered us the chance to try out their new 10 Day Accelerated program, I took the challenge head on. It entailed an additional workout to tack on to my previous workout to amp up results, just before our spring break, and it worked perfectly. O2 Max would send out a daily workout every day of an additional 3-4 exercises that I could incorporate into my fitness plan. I did not have to re-organize my entire schedule or make a big time investment; I simply threaded their program until the one I was following. The program also offered tons of flexibility. Some days I used their exercises in between running intervals for high intensity training.

The best thing about O2Max is that I never felt alone, although it is an on-line company they were always accessible and would reach out to me whenever I posted something about the program. They are truly dedicated to their goals. O2 Max gets the HC-UIowa stamp of approval!


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