No-Shave November: Beards of Iowa City

Happy No-Shave November, ladies and gentlemen! It is time for all hair lovers to rejoice because it’s that time for everyone to put the shaving cream and razor blades away and let their hair grow and love themselves. For all the beard-lovers, it’s like a present that cute strangers bless us with, despite the fact 55 percent of women DON'T like men’s facial hair (I, however, am part of the 45 percent of facial hair lovers), so bless us with your presence.

Some guys take No-Shave November as a challenge of determination of not shaving and women, too, because why shave your legs when you’ll be wearing pants for the next five months? This month tests a person's willingness to succumb to a society norm of a clean-shaven face (or legs), but did you know that No-Shave November started as a movement to raise awareness about cancer?

It started the “Movember” movement whose mission is to “change the face of men’s health” and call themselves “Mo-Bros" and "Mo-Sistas,” who participate in No-Shave November. So while you’re letting your hair grow out, just remember you’re doing it for a good cause and promoting awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer and depression in males and are changing the conversation of something most males don't talk about often. You can also go here and register to join the month-long journey to promote mens' health. Even the "Try Guys" at Buzzfeed showed men how important it is to get your check ups because men are also susceptible to cancer like Superman to kryptonite. 

So let it grow, let it grow, let it grow, and help promote men’s health everywhere in the world.

While you’re doing that, enjoy some of the greatest beards that Iowa City has to offer us. Happy Movember! 

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