Meet Mallory Knoop, Future Teacher & Iowa City Native

Mallory Knoop was born in Iowa City, Iowa, just minutes away from the college she would later attend. She is kind and dedicated and hopes to make a difference in education. We sat down with Mallory to learn a little more about this goal-oriented college freshman. 

Her Campus: What is your major?

Mallory Knoop: I'm majoring in elementary education.

HC: What would your ideal future look like?

MK: I would like to get into the education program here at the University of Iowa and teach kindergarden or first grade. I'd also like to live in a big city to get a different kind of experience than the one I've had all my life. I would also like to teach in a low income area of the city because I believe I can do the most good there. I'd also like to have two kids and a black lab.

HC: What are you involved in?

MK: I've been working at an after school program at Horn Elementary, where I went to school, for a few years now. It lets me work with kids while making money, which is perfect! I also started volunteering at the hospital here. I help out in the volunteer office and do things like delivering flowers to patients!

HC: Why did you decide to stay so close to home?

MK: Ever since I was little I've gone to Hawkeye games with my parents. This gave me a love for the school that stayed with me through the years. Since I went to high school so close to the University, most of my classmates went to Iowa and it just seemed like the natural choice for me too. I also love the campus and downtown area, and it's nice that I'm always able to go home and see my parents when I need a break from college life. Iowa also has a great elementary education program, so it was the perfect choice for me.

HC: What made you want to teach?

MK: I wanted to go into teaching because I have dyslexia, a learning disability, and I didn't always get the help I needed in elementary school, and I don't want kids to fall through the cracks like I did. I also love being around kids and making them feel important and special. I'm also super excited to decorate my classroom. 

HC: As a native, you must know all the best places in Iowa City. What is your favorite restaurant downtown?

MK: I really like Basta! They have really good Italian food, and I especially like their salads.

HC: What about the best coffee place? Do you like to go to local shops or are you a Starbucks kind of girl?

MK: Starbucks is my favorite. I always get the caramel frappuccino when I go!

HC: Favorite place to shop downtown?

MK: I really like Catherine's! They have a lot of high quality clothing.

HC: Tell us a little more about going to college only a few minutes from home. Do you ever wish you were further away?

MK: Surprisingly, I don't. Living downtown is such a different experience and college has really changed the way that I see Iowa City. It's nice being close to home because I have the independence I want while still being able to do things like tailgate with my parents. It's also nice because I got to keep my job that I had in high school and a lot of my friends are also at Iowa, so I have a really great support system.