Make Your Winter Break Meaningful

Upon returning to school after Thanksgiving break, most of us spend the last few weeks counting down the days until the best break arrives: Christmas break. When it finally does arrive, we travel home and it feels like it’s only been a split second until it is time to return back to school. This year, make your Christmas break meaningful, so you can look back at it knowing your time was well-spent. Here are some things yo ucan do to make the most out of this winter break. 


In the past couple of weeks, maybe you’ve developed some bad habits due to the craziness of the semester ending, and you probably haven’t had time to slow down and work on fixing these habits. Maybe you've stayed up too late or haven't nourished your body with healthy foods or have neglected certain responsibilities. Winter break is the perfect time to slow down and return to a healthy routine.

Make Goals

Although some people don’t believe in making New Year's Resolutions because they claim no one ever sticks to them, we love creating goals for the new year. Even if we don’t end up sticking to my goals for the entire year, at least making goals gets us started in the right direction. We find it helpful to write down our goals because it makes them more real than just mentally noting them. Making goals also helps us reassess what we want out of life. We ask ourselves: Are you enjoying your current major? Do you still love the relationships you have in your life? If not, we make new goals that will propel oure lives in a different direction.

Do Something You Love

Does anyone else have a hobby that has been neglected during the past couple months of school? We know we have, and winter break is the perfect time to return to these forgotten activities. Maybe you love reading but just haven’t found the time to read a single book of choice during the fall semester. Cozy up on the couch and get through a couple books this holiday season. 

Spend Time With Family

This seems like the most cliche piece of advice, but it is the best piece of advice. Winter break is the perfect time to take advantage of catching up with your loved ones. We often say we will spend lots of time with our families over breaks but then get caught up in busying ourselves with other things, such as working or hanging out with friends. Be purposeful about spending time with each family member this break because it's never a waste of time. It's always necessary to slow down and spend time doing what you love with those that you love.

Have a refreshing and meaningful holiday season, collegiettes!