How to Stay Fit Over Winter Break

Surrounded by endless delicious food options during the holidays, it can be hard to maintain your current physique. Some could care less about monitoring their health choices throughout the holidays, and that is perfectly fine. But there are also some who have been working hard at maintaining a healthy lifestyle and would like to avoid erasing their progress during break. If the latter describes you, below are some tips and helpful information to help you achieve this goal. 

Have a Plan

Do not go into the holidays without a plan. If you neglect to make a plan, you will find yourself making food and exercise choices you may regret. Every individual's plan will look different due to different goals. It can be helpful to list your goals and then plan accordingly. Figure out how many days you would like to work out and how strict you plan to be regarding meals. The key is to be realistic because if you make unrealistic goals, you will encounter failure followed by disappointment. 

Be Flexible

Considering it is the holidays, allow yourself to indulge occasionally. Eating a slice of pie is not going to erase all that you have worked for. The important thing to remember is moderation. As long as you are not having dessert with every meal, you can maintain your current fitness state. If you try to restrict yourself from all unhealthy foods, you may end up overindulging in the end. The concept of flexibility also applies to exercise. If you miss a workout because you decide to spend extra time with family that is completely acceptable as well. Don’t get down on yourself, but instead get up the next morning and continue following the plan. 

Keep Priorities in Mind

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout break is a noble goal but don’t let this goal interfere with time spent with family or friends. Exercise and eat moderately healthy but don’t get wrapped up in analyzing every health choice you make. At the end of the day, life is about the relationships you have with the important people in your life. The holidays are the perfect time to relax and focus on those loved ones. Enjoy a couple gingerbread cookies, hit the gym and make new holiday memories with the people you care about the most!