Focus On Self-Love This Valentine's Day

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day gets closer and closer. Stores are decked out in pink and red hearts, chocolates line all their shelves and adorable teddy bears are just begging for you to buy them. Romantic movies are on TV and in movie theaters. And this is all perfect if you’re in a relationship or have somebody you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with.

It’s hard to keep up a can-do attitude as Valentine’s Day approaches when you feel as if you have nobody to celebrate it with. There’s such a focus on relationships on Valentine’s Day that it honestly feels as if there’s no point in celebrating it if you’re not in one.

But there’s always a reason to celebrate love, whether it’s celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other, BFF’s or letting your siblings and parents know how much you appreciate them. You can also spend Valentine’s Day focusing on somebody you may not give enough time to: yourself.

It can be hard to give yourself the love you deserve. Even though many people promote self-love and self-care, many times society sees someone who is comfortable with themselves and loves themselves as someone who is arrogant and full of themselves. But you are not arrogant for wanting to love yourself. After all, you’re fantastic.

Like I said, beginning to love yourself is hard to do. But take this Valentine’s Day as the first day of truly loving yourself--grab some lunch or go shopping on your own to enjoy your own company or practice self care after you're finished with all your classes and meetings for the day. Light a candle, take a bath and put on a face mask, and remember that you do deserve this little break. 

Self-love is something everybody can work on, and even just telling yourself that you're going to work on loving yourself more is a huge step in self-love. Happy Valentine's Day, and remember to love yourself, collegiettes! 

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