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There are several ways to spice up your college place, but one in particular that is slighlty underrated is a DIY Bar Cart. Being a student on a college budget why not be creative and have fun with decorating? Plus if you are someone jumping at the next opportunity to entertain, a bar cart is perfect for you. Even if you choose not to consume alcohol, a bar cart is still a cute way to display a sense of your style. 

Step 1: Purchase a Bar Cart or Make One from Scratch 

Purchase this bar cart here 

Putting this cart together was so simple it scared me to thinking I was putting it together wrong. Max 15 minutes. 

Step 2: Liquor 

When it comes to stocking up your cart, making it seem like a “bar” is not necessary. But that is what is nice about DIY – you can add how much of whatever you want onto your cart! Pick some of your favorite labels or bottles to display (you don’t even have to use them!). It can be anything from wine to hard liquor! 

Step 3: Barware/Glasses

The nessesties. You do not need every piece to stock your bar cart, just the basics to make your go-to drinks. 



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