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This year has been a hard one but if there is one thing you can do to try and start every day off on the right path it’s with a morning routine. Personally, I’ve done a few things differently as the seasons change so here are a few of the key steps in my fall morning routine!

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1. Wake up with an alarm

I know it may not seem fine or like the most ideal way to start your day but honestly waking up to an alarm helps you get into a routine. It helps you make sure to start every day at the same time and even get the rest of your routine into a rhythm. I don’t usually set my alarms on the weekend unless I have to work but doing it during the weekday is Monday through Friday to make sure I get up and can get what I want to get done is so important for me to have a good start to my day. I don’t have any early morning classes but 8 a.m. is usually when I try to get things started so I have a little bit of time to sleep in but also make sure I have time to do everything else I want.

2. Drink some water

This step may seem a little silly but every morning when I wake up I roll over and have a glass of water waiting there so I cannot hydrate from all the time I spent laying down and sleeping. It also helps me start the day drinking water and remind myself to continue to drink it throughout the day. It’s really important for your overall health to drink lots of water every day and when I start my morning drinking water it gives me a refreshed feeling and helps me wake up and get ready to keep going. 

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3. Take a shower

The next step in my morning routine is to take a shower so I can do things like wash my face wash my hair and my body and feel nice and clean after a long night of sleep. I try to wash my face every morning and every other night, as well as wash my hair every other day to every other two or three days because some peoples hair is different and mine doesn’t do very good when washing it every night so I tuck it in a bun and hop in the shower and continue the rest of my routine. In the shower is also where I can start my day off with some music and a warm shower is the best way to cheer me up on a gloomy or chilly fall morning. 

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Photo by Elora Allen from Unsplash

4. Drink tea or coffee while scheduling

When I get out of the shower I’ll go to my kitchen and I get a cup of hot tea or coffee some mornings I’ll even drink iced coffee and I sit down at my desk. I like to start every day by looking at what I have to do for work or school, I like to write down what assignments I have so I can know how much time I have to spend on each thing and it gives me a sense of when I can take breaks and when I can eat and get more coffee because I always need a refill. This is a great addition to any morning routine no matter what season it is because it’s great to know what you have to do during the day because it helps your routine feel more included in your schedule.

indoor yoga
Zen Bear Yoga via splash

5. Quick yoga stretch

After I write down my schedule and know what I have to do that allows me to see how long of a yoga session I can have. I do anything between 10 to 30 minutes and it may not seem like a lot but believe me, it is such a great way to get a quick stretch in after your body has been laying down for so long. There are many yoga routines that you can find on YouTube that are simple and easy for anyone to do no matter what your background in yoga is. I try to search for specifically morning yoga routines because they are meant to help your body get energized and get your blood flowing but not make you sweat and feel like you’re going through a whole work out that early in the morning. Even a quick few stretches help get your body ready to move around and get the rest of the work done that you have for the day.

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Jannis Brandt/Unsplash

6. Nice breakfast and more coffee!

Finally the long-awaited step of breakfast I know it seems like forever to wait but the other tasks are pretty simple and short so then I can finally sit down and have a nice breakfast. I normally go with oatmeal or some kind of smoothie, whether it be just a fruit smoothie or even a smoothie bowl but recently I have been trying things like protein shakes as well. Just something to get me going throughout my morning and last me until lunch because I try and eat that a bit later in the day so I can get homework things done. But there are always great quick recipes on Pinterest so feel free to check out the Her campus Iowa or even Her Campus Pinterest to see if you can find some recipes or look around on the website and see what you can find!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look into my morning routine and can follow along or even add some of these steps into your own routine! 

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