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It’s time to grab your S.O. and (finally) celebrate the arrival of spring by going on all the spring dates!

As cozy as hot chocolate and movie dates are, cabin fever might have been getting to you. Now it’s time to get outdoors with bae! Take a peek at these affordable and fun dates that don’t take much planning and are sure to get you back in the swing of spring.

1. Geochache

Why not spice up a walk on a beautiful spring day by Geocaching? It’s a super fun way to explore new places or see old places in new ways. Plus, you kinda feel like you’re on a treasure hunt—nothing like treasure to bring a couple closer together! Find a park or new part of town and start exploring. You can even pack a picnic for a midday exploring meal.

2. Farmer’s market

The sights, the sounds, the smells…made even sweeter by your bae! Not only do you get to enjoy the fruits of the markets, but you also can get a better sense for what your partner’s tastes are like and what they enjoy. Find your local farmer’s market here.

3. Sidewalk chalk it up

Bring out your inner child with some sidewalk chalk! You can find some at your local dollar store or craft store. Get creative! Ask your S.O. to lay down so you can trace them for some playful, up-close-and-personal time.

4. Go to a hover park

This one’s a newer concept, but hover parks are up and coming! Hover parks, like this one, give you a chance to ride on those super cool hoverboards you and our S.O. have been intrigued to try! Going to a hover park is perfect little active way to spend an afternoon. You and your date are sure to have tons of laughs watching each other figure out how to navigate the hover boards through all sorts of obstacles—plus it’s a super unique idea!

5. Attend a baseball game

Baseball season has begun! Find a local game where you and your sweetie can grab a hotdog and chow down. Even if you don’t love baseball, go for the environment—people watching is another perfect way to spend the day with bae!

6. Minigolf

A classic date that lets you get flirty and a bit competitive! Make a deal with your date… loser buys ice cream after?

Spring is the time to get off the couch and get active with your dates! Hopefully these ideas inspire you to get out and experience those twitterpated, spring time, butterfly feels again!


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McKenzie Story is from Algonquin, Illinois and is studying Journalism and Marketing at the University of Iowa. She is a captain of the UIowa Dance Club and keeps busy by teaching strength training along with dance classes. McKenzie enjoys being surrounded by family and friends and is always up for new adventures. She is excited to be a part of Her Campus and is thankful that her university has such an amazing chapter.
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