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6 Annoying Things About Living in an Apartment

Upgrading from a shoe box of a dorm to a shoe box of an apartment has its perks. No more nosey RAs, dirty community bathrooms or sharing a room with another person. Although an apartment gives you freedom and makes you feel like a big girl, there are downsides, which I have quickly found living in my first apartment. Here are six annoying things about living in an apartment with the help of Spongebob and friends:

1. Lack of groceries

A sign of defeat: waking up on a Monday morning and going through your kitchen cupboards and fridge and gazing upon a food desert. Add grocery store trip on your extensive to-do list.

2. Having to buy unnecessary (but necessary) things

Oven mitts? Toilet paper? Trash bags? Dish soap? Sponges? Air fresheners? Vacuums? These are the last things you want to spend money on. You totally advocate that they should come with the apartment and in unlimited supply, too.

3. Paying bills (on time)

If you lived in a perfect world (apartment), the only bill you would have to pay is rent. But no, electricity and utilities are added into the mix. The bills don’t stop coming.

4. Taking out the trash

It is amazing how many garbage bags you can go through in a week. It feels like someone constantly has to take the dreaded trip out back to the dumpster.

5. Doing your laundry 

Looking through your jean pockets, all your purses and your backpack to scavenge up enough quarters for the crappy laundry machine in your apartment is the last thing you want to do on a Sunday after a crazy weekend. 

6. Noisey neighbors 

It’s a weekday night, and you have a huge exam the next morning. Being the good responsible young adult that you are, you stay in to get a good night of sleep. However, it is impossible to fall asleep because the people in the apartment above you are blasting their bass and stomping on the floor like hoodlums. 

Alyssa Pozen

U Iowa '19

Editor-in-Chief for U Iowa Her Campus. Senior at the University of Iowa studying Journalism and Mass Communication and earning a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management. Obsessed with meme culture, entrepreneurial podcasts and the Real Housewives franchise.
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