5 Spring-ey DIYs For Gloomy Days

Spring is great: the grass and trees are green again, flowers are blooming, and you want to spend all your time outside again. But with all the good that spring brings, there are also rainstorms and the occassional gloomy sky. It's hard to deal with days that keep you cooped up in your room, but these DIYs will brighten up your day and keep you from getting bored while you wait for the next beautiful day. 

1. Spring Wreath

This spring wreath is colorful and beautiful, as well as super easy to make. You can hang it on your apartment or dorm room door or anywhere in your room, and you can also reuse it from year to year because they're fake flowers. It can be any design and color scheme that you want, too. For detailed instruction, check out the article here

2. Gold Foil Flower Pots

Who doesn't want sassy gold planters to fill with flowers and succulents to brighten up their day? The best part about DIYs is that can create them however you want and don't have to follow the instructions or pictures exactly, including coming up with the quotes and designs you have on these cute flower pots. Having a flower in your room, too, will always brighten your mood. You can find instructions here

3. Flower Pot Necklace

If taking care of flowers isn't your strong suit, or you don't have the time or space to take care of just onewear one around your neck. This fake flower-filled flower pot necklace is adorable, will give you a little pep in your step because your outfit looks cute with it and will look cute with all your colorful spring outfits. Instructions on how to make this necklace can be found here

4. Flower Votive Candles

These tissue paper votive candles will look adorable sitting on your nightstand or decorating a table at a party. It's an easy project, too, with very few supplies and a quick crafting time. You can find out how to make these here

5. Fruit Welcome Mats

I know that I need to switch out my winter-themed welcome mat for something more seasonally appropriate, and a cute fruit-themed mat is perfect. The simplicity and visual appeal of these fruit welcome mats will make anybody who walks up to your door smile. The tutorial shows how to create both a watermelon anda lemon slice, but you can also make the welcome mat into any fruit of your choice. You can find instructions on how to make these welcome mats here


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