5 Habits That Will Change Your Life

Being a college student, it can be really difficult to strictly follow a schedule and do exactly as you plan. But these five habits can change your life as they have changed mine.

1. Reading

It can include any kind of constructive reading. As a child, I used to read comics and slowly transitioned to short stories and books. To date, I have read novels and short stories. Honestly, that has been truly helpful as reading helps to improve vocabulary, communication and general knowledge as well. All of these qualities are essential in any kind of professional field.

2. Kindness

Yes, it is a habit! You never know how it feels to be kind every day. The happiness and satisfaction that comes with that are unmatchable. You can start by just doing one kind thing every day for anyone, it can be just helping someone pick up their dropped groceries!

3. Take Notes

It sounds like a minimal thing, but trust me, I am an obsessive note taker. I usually jot down all of the important things on the notes app on my iPhone so I can focus on more pressing issues like my assignments.

4. Exercise

You must have heard this advice from every single person, but it is true. Exercising as little as 30 minutes in a day can boost up your stamina and help you be more productive. You can simply start by taking a walk every day before diving into a hardcore gym routine. You will be amazed by the results!

5. Follow the 1-3-5 Rule

This rule states that in a day ideally, one should accomplish one big thing, three medium things and five small things. This is a perfect solution when you have all your day swamped up with work and assignments. This rule helps to set priorities really easily!

Make small, yet powerful, changes in your life with these useful habits.

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