4 Steps to Take to Be the Best Roommate

Whether you live in the dorms or an apartment, you may have to have roommates at some point in your life. These roommates could be anyone: total strangers or even your best friends! Whatever the case is, here are the steps for you to take to be the best roommate of the year.

Step 1: Set rules and boundaries

Take the time to talk and discuss things with your roommates about rules and boundaries. This is the time to bring up certain allergies you may have, inform them of your sleeping times and notify them of your cleaning style. If you are living in an apartment, this is also when you can discuss the financial responsibilities and delegate who is responsible for what. Make sure that everyone is on board and knows what is expected, you could even consider making a roommate contract. This helps to establish rules in a more formal way, and it's good to establish how to deal with different scenarios that may happen, not to mention that it's a way to get to know your roommate's preferences so you can be respectful of the other person’s habits.

Step 2: Good communication 

Communication is crucial with roommates. The more direct, the better it is in the long run. Beating around the bush and using passive aggressive tactics will only prolong the problems and will not be good for anyone. If you have a problem, convey it in a courteous manner and work out a solution that will be the best for everyone. Vice versa, if your roommates come to you saying they have a problem, don’t take it personally. Just like you would want your roommates to do, politely accept it and try to work out the situation. Be flexible when working out the problem because things don’t just always go your way, so just keep an open mind.

Step 3: Respect each other’s space

College is stressful, so sometimes we just want space to deal with it. If your roommates feel like being alone, respect their space and privacy. If they don’t want you to tag along with them when your high school best friend visits, you need to respect that. Being a roommate is pretty intimate, so if they want to be private about certain things, they have the right to. This also includes personal belongings. Ask permission before borrowing her pans and let her know when you used one of her eggs. Don't forget that you also have that right as well. If you feel like being alone that day, just let them know that you want that space and they should be respectful of that as well. 

Step 4: Get to know your roommates

You don’t have to be best of friends with your roommates, but it would be easier to get along with them if you are on friendly terms. Plan time to have lunch with them, say bye to them before you're on way to class and wish them good luck on their upcoming exams! Little friendly gestures go a long way to have a better roommate experience, and it makes the roommate experience a lot easier and a lot more fun too! 

Follow these steps, and you are well on your way to a beautiful roommate relationship!

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