11 Cute DIYs for Your New Apartment

It's that time of the year again: time to move into your new apartment. You have all of the necessities, but there's something missing. Instead of going out and spending a ton of money on new decorations, hit your local craft store, find random junk in your apartment, and begin DIY-ing!

DIY Floral Letter

Whether you're hanging this on your bedroom door or above your bed, a flowered letter will look beautiful hanging up. All you need is cardboard, a glue gun, and some fake flowers.

DIY Terrarium

Do you not have the time to take care of a plant, or are you just bad a keeping something alive (don't worry, I am, too)? Terrariums filled with succulents are the solution -- no need to water them every day!

DIY Colored Vases

Add a pop of color to a room with easy-to-make colored vases. You can get a cheap plastic vase from the dollar store to make this DIY even more wallet-friendly.

"Upholstered" Chair

There's no need to know how to sew or upholster -- for this DIY, you'll only need a chair, spray paint, fabric and Mod Podge. 

Color Block Flower Pot DIY

Even though it's a simple craft, picking a vibrant or metallic color with add a pop of color to whatever room you put this flower pot in.

DIY Ombre Desk Calendar

Keep track of time with a simple and cute calendar that doesn't take long to make. It's small, too, and won't take up a ton of space on your desk.

DIY Neon Triangle Photo Frames

Display your photos in a unique way with these photo frames and put them anywhere you want: on an end table, on your des, or on your dresser.

Tassel Garland DIY

The possibilities are endless with this garland. You can choose any colors you want, and it's made of tissue paper, so it's cheap to make.

Custom Door Mat

No matter what message you want to send out to the world, you can put it on a new doormat with a stencil and some spray paint.

DIY Bookends

Even though this tutorial uses fake pineapples, you can make these blinged-out bookends with anything you want. 

DIY Picture Frame Wreath

This DIY offers so much more than just a pretty wreath: you could turn it into a dry erase board or use it as a picture frame. No matter how you end up using it, it's going to be a statemet piece.