Top 8 Places to Study on Campus: University of Delaware

Whether it’s finals week, midterm week, or just a heavy-loaded assignment -- we need a place to study. Sometimes the best places are right in the comfort of your own room, but that can become a distraction when everything you’re comfortable with is all around you. It only takes two steps to hop right into bed and take a quick “I did 2 study-guide questions, I deserve it” nap. I’ve collected raw data on student’s favorite places to study on campus and ranked them in order.

8. Morris Library: Second Floor

    For the sake of this ranking system, I’ve decided to cut the library into different sections. Everyone has “their spot” in the library that they will always gravitate toward whenever they decide to do work at the library, however during finals week, consider yourself lucky if you find a seat on the second floor. Everybody and anybody will show out to the library, including people who haven’t studied all semester, and an overpopulated library can make it a hard place to get comfortable and get some work done.

7. Trabant: Daugherty Hall

    This beautiful church room is a great place to study if you want to be surrounded by scholars and pure silence. After surveying some students, there were a handful that recommended the Daugherty Hall because it is a very productive area. However, there were a handful that hates stepping foot into that area because there is “hear a pin drop” silence that can make people uncomfortable. However, if you want a quiet, aesthetically pleasing, Harry Potter feel, room, then Daugherty Hall is your next study spot!  

6. Main Street

 Although Main Street is a broad selection of all sorts of different cafes and stores, you definitely need a “regular place” to enjoy getting work done on Main Street. Everyone has their own “secret spot” that they don’t want to be invaded by people because that takes away the peace and quiet aspect. Shops recommended includes but are not limited to: Starbucks on Main, Starbucks in the bookstore, Brewed Awakenings, Brew-Ha-Ha, or literally any coffee shop. Just find a spot, bring a sweater, prop up your laptop, and get shit done. 

5. Morris Library: Private Group Study Room

    Morris private group study rooms are exclusive rooms and your own private area in the library. The library itself is very quiet but the level of silence in the basement is pretty moderate. You can still talk to the person next to you without uncomfortable whispering, but it always depends on the time of day. Being able to close the door and talk things out with peers is the best part of these private rooms. Just don’t forget to reserve one through the library site ahead of time.

4. Trabant: Cafeteria

    When I imagine Trabant it is definitely the student central hub of campus, and I think many would agree. The only issue with studying at trabant is that it gets busy. It isn’t the ideal place to study because it feels like you are at the school cafeteria or the mall food court. However, for group work, it is a convenient spot to meet up and talk at normal speaking levels. Not to mention, there are food options all around for frequent brain breaks. 

3. Perkins (Pre-Construction)

    Perkins East/West lounge are great student lounges that are, in my opinion of course, the ~best~ level of sound. The “scrounge” area isn’t as comfortable and cozy as it was last year, but people still made do, especially since you can make quick coffee/food runs. It is a super comfortable area to study, lounge, or just eat which is exactly the reason it is at #4 of the list. The other perk of Perkins (aha) is the location. 

2. ISE Lab

    When I surveyed people, almost everybody included ISE Lab in their top 3. But can we blame them? The ISE lab is one of the newest, modern, and attractive buildings on campus. Equipped with multiple floors full of comfortable chairs and new hideouts, it is easy to find a quiet and spacious area to get away and finish work every time you go. The Einstein Bagels on the first floor is another factor that makes ISE lab at our #2 and most people’s top 3. You can get a quick coffee and bagel fix in the midsts of you drowning in work. And another plus -- it is absolutely beautiful. Not only the inside, but the scenic views from the many windows that fill the walls, it is the perfect space to study.

1. Library: Basement

    There were many great contenders to take the number 1 spot, but the library basement takes the cake. Morris Library in itself takes multiple spots on the top 8, but the library basement is equipped with all sorts of areas that you can choose from. There are study group rooms by reservation AND first come first serve, there are many individual desks, group desk, swivel chairs, computers, printers, colored printers, and just an overall productive area. You can easily meet up with friends or go alone and be able to get a lot of work done as long as you keep track of time.

At the end of the day, everybody has their own individual best places to study, but these are just a handful of popular areas on campus. A lot of the people I surveyed included their room or their bed on the list, but I filtered those out before developing the list. The truth is, the best places to study are the ~secret~ or ~exclusive~ places you find with your friends and it becomes a regular place to meet up.

With many different areas that students brought up, I thought it was only right to include some honorable mentions that might tickle your fancy: 

  • Library: First Floor -- Quiet room and general lobby area 

  • Memorial Hall 

  • ANY Empty classrooms

  • Gore Windowsill!!!!