Valentine's Day Gifts For You and Your S.O.

So Valentine's Day is around the corner and you don’t know what to get your S.O. It can be so hard deciding what to choose. Clothing can be generic, flowers and chocolate are so cliché, and stuffed animals are overrated. Here are a few things you can enjoy together this Valentine’s day:

1) A smartphone projector is a great way to "Netflix and chill". Think of it, how cute would it be to watch a movie in your backyard under the starry night sky? If you're stuck indoors, hang up a sheet on your wall and let it roll!

2) Concert Tickets. Have a favorite music artist in common? Surprise them with tix and enjoy the show together.

3) Lingerie is a gift both you and your honey can enjoy. Surprise them with a sexy night, this Valentine's Day.

4) Cooking classes are doable via Groupon. Groupon has so many deals, it’ll be impossible not to find one. And don’t worry, there are variety of food selections to choose from.

5) Couples massages turn Valentine's Day (or night) from high expectations and stress, into a relaxing and peaceful one. Your friend’s bust of a dinner and a movie plan won’t compare.

6) A day-cation is a great idea for a getaway without the commitment. Try an amusement park or find your type of entertainment near you.

Wishing you luck on your Valentine's day date!



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