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UConn Revokes Subscription from Adobe Suite

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

In April 2017, ITS (formerly UITS) announced that they would be cancelling the agreement between UConn and Adobe, which provided a free subscription for UConn students to use any Adobe product on their personal computers. They claimed that the subscription was too expensive.

However, an agreement was reached that certain majors, such as Fine Arts and Journalism, would be permitted the subscription as Adobe products for a one year contract while ITS worked out a better solution.

On August 17, 2018, ITS sent out a new announcement, informing students that the contract would soon be expiring on August 24th, and encouraged students to purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud at a discounted rate.

On August 23, ITS sent out an email to let students know that the Adobe Creative Cloud would not be expiring on the 24th, but in the near future.

On August 31, ITS sent out an email informing students of the deal that ITS had made with Adobe, in which students can purchase the Adobe Suite for their personal use at a discounted rate.

The applications may be purchased for use for $84/semester ($26/summer) or $194 for fall through summer semesters.

This discount amounts to $25 off of a yearly subscription at the Adobe Student Rate.

This being said, ITS has been toying back and forth with terms and conditions and ultimately chose to let the costs and fees roll onto the students, calling their agreement “advantageous”.

Fine Arts and Journalism students have roughly one more week to use the free Adobe Suite before they will be required to pay to continue use. 


Chelsea is a senior undergraduate at the University of Connecticut. She is pursuing a degree in Digital Media & Design with a concentration in business strategies, as well as a minor in Communications. She holds one of the Marketing & Design chairs for her school's chapter of Her Campus.