Top 5 Sites You Need To Follow Now

I love reading blogs, especially ones that really cover everything I need to know. That’s why I’ve complied my top 5 favorite blogs so that you, too, can read something interesting when your Stat professor doesn’t know when to quit. Don’t worry, it’s our secret!

(In no particular order)


            Ugh, I am completely obsessed with Lauren Conrad. Her posts range from health and fitness to fashion to crafting and everything in between. She even has a monthly book club readers can be a part of! No matter what you’re feeling, she’s got an article to match you. I can’t say enough about her site, you’ve got to try it. (And yes, she was on The Hills. Love her or hate her, she knows how to run a blog).


            This website pretty much has everything I could ever want advice on a convenient site. They are obsessed with lists and give a lot of really awesome information to women, especially young adults. Dating problems? Hit ‘em up! Dieting or looking for quick workouts? This is the place! 


            I love facials, manicures, you name it. However, let’s be honest… where at UConn can you actually get a decent facial? Lucky for us, features lots of DIY facials, moisturizers, etc. They also poll and interview doctors all the time so that the information they post really is correct. Youbeauty is the perfect site for any and all health concerns you may have, from how to sleep better to diet tricks to gaining that radiant skin you’ve dreamed of.


            Pretty much a great blog following the lives of three hilarious and sweet girls trying to make it in Hollywood. Each has her own individual story, and reading about their lives certainly makes my problems seem much more normal. This blog is great for when you just want to hear about someone else’s experiences, and gain advice through their stories, instead of reading lists or medical advice. Don’t get me wrong though, they do share recipes, hair tips, and fashion advice. What’s a blog without advice anyway?


            A blog I stumbled upon while going through HerCampus’ blogger network (full of diverse and remarkable blogs by the way), it’s clear that this girl knows her stuff. She writes about a range of topics, but what really struck me was her crazy cool interviews. She’s interviewed tons of bands, from The Maine to Darren Criss to Ed Sheeran. You can’t go wrong with her blog.