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books on brown wooden shelf
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Sunset Yoga on Horsebarn Hill

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

On the last day of classes of the semester, UConn held a Sunset Yoga practice on top of Horsebarn Hill. The practice included violin accompaniment and was open to the whole UConn community and for those at any skill level. 

Just getting up to the top of Horsebarn Hill was a warm up in and of itself. But it was worth the trek–the scenery of Horsebarn Hill alone can be enough to put your mind at ease and take your mind off of the stress of school. 

Although it was cloudy and a little chilly, the beautiful scenery and relaxing practice helped to clear your head and get everyone ready for finals week. 

Good luck on finals everyone! Just remember to breathe and relax. 

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Katie Lynch

U Mass Amherst

A Communications and Journalism Major at UMass Amherst