Self Love During Finals Week

Finals can be an exhausting and stressful time for most college students. There is nothing worse than studying for every single course at once, while dealing with the distractions of nicer weather, more activities going on, and summer being so close yet so far. Approaching this crazy week, it is important to remember to designate some time towards self care; and there are more ways to practice this than you would realize:

  • Pamper yourself

Take your mind off of things with an at-home spa night. A personal favorite way to do this are face masks which can be fairly inexpensive from the drugstore and are very refreshing for the skin. Also, painting your nails makes you feel a little more put together in the midst of chaos.

  • Exercise

Many studies have shown the numerous benefits of exercise on the mind and body due to the release of endorphins. Recently, I started taking workout classes at the gym on campus and find them to be motivating, especially with friends. The gym offers a wide range of classes such as HIIT, strength training, spin, and yoga which all give an intense yet rewarding workout.

  • Spend time outside

As the weather is getting nicer, there are lots more people walking around campus and sitting on the quad. On the sunny days, try bringing your work outside and studying outdoors. In personal experience, this makes studying more enjoyable and is a great way to get some clarity rather than being cooped up in the library.

  • Go out with friends

Ever heard the saying “work hard, play hard”? No matter how hard you are studying, everyone deserves to have some fun and take a break on the weekends. If you and your friends are in the mood to go out, many people enjoy Huskies, Ted’s or Grille 86. For a more casual night, hanging out with friends and staying in is also fun, as long as your mind is off of studying for a little while.

  • Treat yourself

After all your hard work throughout the semester and leading up to finals, everyone deserves to treat themselves. Retail therapy can be dangerous, but every once in a while it is rewarding to splurge on something you’ve had your eyes on, and is a great way to love yourself during finals week.


As we go into this stressful time of the semester, it is easy to forget the importance of self care. Despite everything you may have going on, making time for at least one self love trick will be sure to brighten your day during this crazy time.