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New Music Monday: Fresh and Chill Edition

If you’re looking for some fresh, chill beats from the artists you love, and the artists you will come to love, then this is the article for you. Please enjoy!


I Love Me by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is no stranger to the music industry. Many of us, like myself, grew up listening to her girl-power centered albums and songs. Well, she’s done it again and given us yet another relatable song that preaches about the power of loving yourself and how difficult it can be to simply love yourself with all of society seemingly shooting you down. So if you ever need some uplifting, relatable advice, consult Lovato. She surely won’t let you forget you’re a “10/10.”


Not Ur Friend by Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy Zucker blew up with his song “comethru” in 2018 and since then he has slowly worked his way up to being a fan favorite. While he is still a fairly new artist that is establishing himself this by no means should discredit him as having music that isn’t as great as some artists that have been around for years longer. This song “not ur friend” is upbeat and chill, yet still drives home the idea of cutting someone who is toxic for you out of your life. 


Head First by Christian French

Only making music since 2016, Christian French is also a fairly new artist, but this particular song has caught the eye of millions, including myself. Its mesmerizing and dreamy sound makes you want to place it on replay. It also preaches to anyone who’s in love and diving into the relationship head first without thinking about how reckless it may be because after all, love is blind. 


Let’s Fall in Love for the Night by FINNEAS

We are all familiar with Billie Eilish, but not many are as familiar with her equally as amazingly talented brother Finneas. Like the last song, this song gives off extremely dreamy and relaxed vibes, with a subtle beat in the middle of the song that is brought right back down to the original chill tone at the end. Finneas speaks of love in this song as well, and finding the one stranger in the crowd that you can fall in love with for the night and simply “forget in the morning.”  


Feel Me by Selena Gomez

On the summer of Selena’s 2016 Revival Tour she performed the song “Feel Me” and did not release it until now. This sensual and flowy track in a way speaks spitefully towards a past lover, telling them you want them to never forget about you even when they’re with another. Rumors spread that this song was geared towards Justin Bieber, but that is up for interpretation. Now it’s your turn to add your own meaning to “Feel Me”, you feel me? 


Glitter by BENEE

BENEE gained most of her popularity through her songs being displayed on Tik Tok and has been climbing the charts ever since then. If you want to feel like you’re falling in love with someone over and over again in the most innocent way possible then “Glitter” is the song for you. Although love is already pretty great, BENEE has a special way of making everything she sings about sound even better than before. The glittery sounds put on the track add to the magical ambience and create a unique side to her song as well. But if you aren’t looking for another love song then don’t worry, BENEE caters to all. Her song “Supalonely” may be more your speed, especially if you want to mope around about a past love mistake in the most upbeat way possible. 


Sunday in London by Kids That Fly

Last, but most definitely not least is a band that originates from the University of Connecticut called Kids That Fly. They have gained a large following through the past couple of years at UConn and they only keep going up in popularity. Their boy-bandish feel makes you want to print out a poster of them and pin it up to your wall. For those of you who have been playing Lovesick on repeat like myself, you finally have newly released songs of theirs to love. Sunday in London is an upbeat, unique love song that speaks about a loved one that is miles and miles away yet still remains on their mind despite the distance.

Madalynn is a sophomore at the University of Connecticut. She is a Marketing major with a concentration in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics and she hopes to write for a major magazine company one day. In her free time she enjoys trying as many different types of coffee, and attempting to stay up to date on as many movies and TV shows as humanly possible.
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