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Meet Priyanka: USG Comptroller Candidate

Name: Priyanka Thakkar 

Major: Management Information Systems 

Hometown: Norwalk, CT 

Current USG Position: Engineering Senator, Vice Chair of Student Services Committee 

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I am currently a sophomore and super passionate about this university ever since the moment I stepped on campus. I have been involved in USG since my first semester freshman year as a senator. I am currently a Vice Chair for USG’s Student Services Committee where I have worked on the free menstrual products initiative extensively and spearheaded the expansion to bathrooms in the library and the Recreation Center. Besides USG, I also run a program in Community Outreach and participate in Alternative Breaks. Along with that, I love supporting fellow UConn Huskies! My favorite teams to watch are Women’s Basketball and Men’s Ice Hockey. 

Why did you decide to run for Comptroller? 

As a member of USG and an outsider to the funding policies, I have seen where students fee money has been distributed. Personally, I feel that there are significant changes that could be done in the allocation of this money. So, I am doing this for the student body so that their student fees are going directly to them and for them. 

What are some things you wish to accomplish if elected? 

First, I would like to make funding requests easier for Tier II groups. The process at the moment is quite complicated and many groups struggle to receive funding due to the submission process. Second, I would like to be more accessible to students by having open office hours as well as Town Halls, so students can have a say as to where their student fees are going. I would also like to promote more transparency within allocation as well as accountability. My main goal is to put students’ needs first. 

What challenges do you anticipate during your campaign? 

Explaining to people exactly what a comptroller is and does. But also reaching out to students. As only one person, it is for sure difficult to try to reach out to as many students as possible. 

In what ways do you represent the UConn student body? 

I represent the student body as someone who is extremely willing to advocate for students continuously; someone who is dedicated to making a change on campus and will use her voice tirelessly for the student body.   


All photos courtesy of Priyanka Thakkar

Alexis Angelini is a fourth-year student studying English and Communication. When not working as a Social Media Content Producer, Alexis is heavily involved on campus. She currently serves as the President of UConn Yoga Sangha, the Marketing Director of Her Campus UConn, as well as a Peer Educator in S.H.A.P.E. Her love and interest for social media is reflected in her experience, as she has worked with brands such as Aerie, Rent the Runway, Hallmark, Neutrogena, The Economist, Uber, etc. Her social media experience has helped start-ups to Forbes-featured businesses to Fortune 500 companies with their social media.
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