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A Letter From Someone in the Class of 2020 at UConn

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

Entering UConn in 2016, this is not how I thought our four short years here would be wrapped up. Online classes, a canceled commencement. And to think that I literally skipped my last EVER college class since I just didn’t feel like sitting in a lecture. The things I would give for some normalcy of our senior year… Here are the Class of 2020’s feelings right now:  

  1. The basketball teams started losing when we stepped on campus. Where were you when the Woman’s Basketball team lost their streak? I was in FIJI’s frat basement at a social. And it all went downhill from there. 

  2. We only got access to the new Rec Center for less than a full year. The entirety of our UConn careers revolved around the loud construction of this place. And we STILL needed to pay for it as part of tuition. 

  3. Spring concert? Who is she? Both headliners Lil Uzi and Sean Kingston being canceled and now this year’s concert not even being released. I am no longer regretting paying $70 to see Khalid sophomore year. 

  4. And if you went abroad like me, what even is a spring semester? The last time I had a Spring Semester was sophomore year, and that CAN’T be what they are like anymore. 

  5. Really wishing I went to Tickel at least one time… For a loyal Nickel customer like myself, really wishing I took one Thursday off and crossed the street to party at Ted’s for the night. 

  6. Senior activities… just down the drain. Senior photos, your organization’s events you’ve been waiting to be the headliner of them since you were freshmen, the countdown to graduation at the bar… The list goes on and on. 

  7. Darty szn is officially over. The feeling of skipping your afternoon Tuesday class to spend time outside in the sunshine drinking a Twisted Tea will NEVER happen again. 

  8. Will we ever get to pet Jonathan again? Seeing the best boy(s) on campus was a highlight of everyone’s week. Here’s to hoping Jonathan is getting the pets he deserved right now. 

  9. Avoiding stepping on the UConn crease just seems pointless now. Learning on your first tour at UConn that you can’t step on the sacred UConn crease outside of the library or you won’t graduate in four years… well, we don’t get a commencement anyway, brb gonna go sit on it now!

  10. You didn’t know that your last time of doing things already passed. The last class with your favorite Body Wise instructor or last time eating Union Mac and Cheese… the tears start now.