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Helpful Tips to Conquer Online Classes

Do I really need to go to class and learn without being able to enjoy the fun of living on campus with my best friends? No fair! It definitely took some adjusting to get used to college moving completely to my laptop screen. Here are some tips I have found helpful!

  1. Have a routine. It is important to create a consistent schedule for yourself. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day can help make life seem even the slightest bit normal. If your classes meet virtually, planning out your day around those classes is also important. Incorporating breakfast, lunch, and dinner into your daily routine, as well as time to unwind and relax, can help you not go crazy while you are stuck inside.

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  2. Create a daily to-do list. Every day, on a sticky note or in a planner, create a to-do list. Prioritize the list from most important to least important. Be realistic with the list, and only put things on it that need to be finished by the end of the day. After everything is crossed off, you will feel like you have accomplished something. It has been hard to not feel like the laziest person while stuck at home!

  3. Use headphones for online classes. This trick has really been useful! Listening with headphones in really helps concentrate on the class, and not the million things distracting you from it. With headphones in, it blocks out any outside noise coming from your house, and all you will have to listen to is your class. 

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  4. Create a study space. Another way to minimize distractions is to have a specific corner to work on schoolwork. Whether it be a desk in your room, or someplace else, having a clean and organized workplace is very important. Light a candle and play some calming music to create a nice atmosphere to study in. Studying in my bed only has caused me to take super long naps and avoid my schoolwork, so having an aesthetically pleasing work area has been the key to my success.



  5. Reward yourself. Writing even one sentence of my paper calls for some ice cream, but seriously, rewarding yourself can encourage you to complete all the assignments you have piled up! Create a personalized system for yourself. Study for one hour, reward yourself with a Netflix episode. Finish one assignment, reward yourself by grabbing a snack. Hopefully this will encourage you to power through these online classes!

Rebecca is a junior at the University of Connecticut studying Journalism and Communication. She is also a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi. She loves anything cheetah print, dancing it out with her friends, and will always be ready to argue that New Jersey is the best state.
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