Go Irish with UConn Irish

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day I sat down with three members of UConn Irish.  Many may recognize UConn Irish for it’s past seven years of placing first in their category at Lip Sync.

Kayleigh at the New England Championships

Kayleigh Fay

Position: Co-President of UConn Irish

Dance Experience: 14 years with competition

Background: Assistant Teacher at the Gray School of Irish Dance & Choreographer of James Bond routine for Lip Sync this past year

How did you get started with Irish step dancing?

KF:  I started when I was five years old. My grandparents would always put on Feet of Flames, an Irish dance show, and I would mimic their steps. After doing this on so many occasions my parents decided to enroll me.

What’s your favorite moment with UConn Irish?

KF: It would have to be HuskyTHON of this year. It was the first year Kristin and I got to see our choreography. Everyone killed it!

How about out of all the years of Irish step dance outside of UConn?

KF: I have so many great memories. If I had to choose it would be the time I placed in New England Regional Feis and was one point away from qualifying from World’s.

How can UConn’s student body get involved with UConn Irish?

KF: Well there’s Irish Fest on April 2nd! It’s basically a big Irish party where we perform and give instruction. There’s food and drinks along with performances from other cultural groups.

Hannah (pictured 4th in the front row) & UConn Irish teammates

Hannah Fiducia 

Dance Experience: 9 years

What made you want to join UConn Irish?

HF: My older sister went to UConn and showed me their video from Lip Sync one day. I thought it was awesome and found their table at the Involvement Fair. I’ve been with them for the past three years.

What’s your favorite moment from being in UConn Irish?

HF:  Okay, there are two. Freshman year our Lip Sync Mickey and Minnie routine was so much fun and cute (Mickey fell in love with Minnie). The other moment would have to be Irish Fest when we did The Siege of Ennis.


Niamh (pictured 6th in the bottom row) & UConn Irish teammates

Niamh Nic Ruairí 

Hometown: Belfast, Ireland

Dance Experience: Takes beginner and experienced dance classes with UConn Irish, came to UConn last Fall, Attends St. Mary’s University College in Belfast.

Why did you choose to join UConn Irish?

NR: I wanted to meet people. I’m from Ireland but I had never Irish step danced before so coming here last semester I thought I should try it.

Any favorite memories so far?

NR: Definitely Irish Fest last semester. It was the first time I performed; I was nervous but excited.

So this St. Patrick’s Day are you missing home just a little bit more?

NR: Of course I’m homesick. I miss my friends and the food (mostly the candy we had there) but overall St. Patrick’s Day is similar in Ireland. We go to parades and drink like you do here! 

There you have it. Whether you attend a parade, go to a bar crawl, or simply stay at home under your covers may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day collegiettes!







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