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“Focus” on Ariana Grande’s New Single

Everybody’s favorite donut-licking pop princess has taken the internet by storm with the release of her newest (and sexiest) single, “Focus“.  Ariana has been counting down with her devoted fans, known as Arianators, in a huge social media campaign on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat for this close-to-Halloween treat. Along with snapchat teases and endless tweets, Instagram videos  featuring Frankie Grande  (Ariana’s brother and household diva) and Grande’s best friend, Alexa Luria, doing their takes on the song were popular, as well.

The campaign has also consisted of a daily countdown hashtag until the release. Well, we’ve all got one less problem because the song is out and it’s fantastic. #0DaysTilFocus

Within the last 24 hours before the release, Ariana posted an almost-constant stream of video teases, and fans were absolutely loving it. In only seven hours after release, the brassy and upbeat hit became a chart-topper on iTunes, taking the #2 spot (Sorry, Justin Bieber) behind Adele’s powerhouse ballad “Hello”.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of all of this hocus focus is the music video that launched on Vevo about an hour after release. 

Without further ado, here are six things we all think while watching this video.

1. What is that lipstick and where can I get it?


2. Could I pull off that hair?

And the answer is, unfortunately, no.

3. Can I get in that box with her?

4. No one has ever looked cuter while clapping.


5. I would like that selfie on Instagram.

I really would, Ari. I really would.

6. I’ve never seen anyone play a horn better.

The song is a single off the petite singer’s newest project, Moonlight, which I’m sure will be a “grande” release.


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