Exams Tips

If you’re reading this, you’re likely either struggling in the midst of exams or maybe you want to prepare for them in advance. Whatever the case is, I got you. Here are six simple tips that could help you absolutely crush exams szn. 

  1. 1. Snooze

    You’ve definitely heard of this one before. Sleep is your best friend; I mean it. Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep, at a minimum, is a game-changer. I’d personally recommend waking up early every day, to make the most out of the mornings and ultimately have more time to take breaks throughout the day. However, that requires going to bed early. So, overall, I’d recommend setting up a “going to bed early, getting up early” routine as best you can. 

  2. 2. Time to study? Your bed is not your friend

    I’m just going to go ahead and say it: your bed is probably the worst place to do intensive studying for a few reasons. First off, your back and neck will suffer in the long run. Take it from Miss Chronic Neck Pain over here. Additionally, you need to mentally separate where you’re on chill mode versus work mode. I recommend any kind of table where you’re sitting upright and ready to focus. 

  3. 3. Weekly planner

    black and white calendar flat lay

    One of the biggest challenges during stressful academic periods like exams is feeling like there’s so much to do that it almost feels like it’s out of your control. This is where a weekly planner comes in handy. There’s something about seeing weeks planned out ahead of time that tends to reduce stress. I recommend going through your syllabi and writing down key dates for your exams and any review sessions, if applicable. This will give you a better idea of how much time you have to prepare for each exam and time in between exams, so you can plan (no pun intended) to study accordingly. 

  4. 4. Daily to-do lists

    notebook flat-lay with flowers

    Once you plan out the long-term, having a plan for every single day helps you stay on track and avoid procrastinating until the day before the exam. I recommend writing your tasks out the night before, and writing them in accordance with your week’s tasks. This way, you prioritize what you’re going to complete that day in preparation for your exams. My tip with these is to have some fun! Drawing can be pretty soothing, and there’s nothing like crossing tasks off in a pretty color of your choice. 

  5. 5. Signature water bottle

    drinking from water bottle on beach

    Yep. Hydrate or diedrate as the kids on RedBubble say nowadays. Getting your daily water intake can actually be kind of hard, especially when you're busy and stressed. I think having a water bottle you really love can help. Whether it’s one you already have at home or a new one you order online, it can add a nice touch to your workspace and motivate you to take some sips more often while you study. Hydration is key during exams season, and always. Another key? Taking care of yourself, which brings me to my last and most important tip. 

  6. 6. Mental health is priority #1

    Exams are stressful. I like to believe that “grades don’t define you” but I’m going to be real and acknowledge that they’re pretty important; they’re just not everything. Believe it or not, you do better when you feel better. Sometimes, studying without taking breaks can actually do more harm than good. You don’t retain information as well as you do when your mind is fresh off a break. Most importantly, you’re not well. I know a healthy balance can be hard to achieve, but it's necessary. Take that break. Get outside. Do a 10 minute YouTube workout. Dance in your room. Take it one day at a time. One exam at a time. Above all, take care of yourself. 

No matter what, do your best. You got this. XO.