Embracing Feminism: The 2016 Pirelli Calendar Breaks With Tradition

The Pirelli Calendar, which is an art item that has been produced by the Italian tire company, Pirelli, since the early 1960s, went for something very different this year. 

The calendar, which in the past has featured pictures of models (either nude or practically nude) decided to take a detour for 2016, choosing instead to feature influential women from around the world who are making a difference in their respective fields and communities. 

Tavi Gevinson is a 19 year old writer, singer, actress and editor

of the extremely popular magazine for teenage girls 'Rookie' (Photo By: Annie Leibovitz).

"This calendar is so completely different, it is a whole other concept. Pirelli gave me that freedom- they said, we want to do a departure," said Annie Leibovitz in a video created by Pirelli. Leibovitz is a well-known, world famous photographer who shot the Pirelli Calendar this year. In addition to photographing totally new content, Leibovitz is also one of the only women to ever photograph the calendar since its inception. 

Ava DuVernay is the world famous director of films like 'Selma' and an advocate

for female filmmakers and women of color (Photo By: Annie Leibovitz).

The 2016 calendar is made-up of women of all different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds who have been influential in the work they do. Women like comedian Amy Schumer, director Ava DuVernay, athlete Serena Williams and Yoko Ono are featured, among others. 

"I felt I looked more beautiful than I've ever felt in my life, and I felt like it looked like me," said Amy Schumer, who was photographed for the calendar in a joking and yet very authentic way, meant to celebrate the natural beauty of women everywhere. 

Comedian, writer, actress and producer Amy Schumer (Photo By: Annie Leibovitz)

This new Pirelli calendar is wonderfully feminist, visually stunning and celebrates women for everything that makes them who they are: "To pay tribute to women, at all ages, it's quite a statement," says artist Shirin Neshat, who is featured in the calendar. 

Artist Shirin Neshat (Photo By: Annie Leibovitz)

You can view the photos from the 2016 Pirelli Calendar on Pirelli's website, as well as in this New York Times article about the calendar's re-vamping. Additionally, you can see more amazing work from photographer Annie Leibovitz on her Facebook page