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Corinne Olympios Makes the Clothing Industry Great Again

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

The queen of napping, lover of cheese pasta, and hater of farm chores, Corinne Olympios, has done it again. The 24 year old announced her new clothing line, Team Corn with the brand Riot Society, just 36 days after she got the boot from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. Now, shoppers everywhere have the opportunity to sport some of Corinne’s witty catchphrases and the face of the OG Napper himself.

The quote that started it all, “I’m a corn husk; you gotta pull all the layers back. And in the middle is this luxurious, yellow corn, with all these pellets of information. It’s juicy and buttery. You want to get to that corn,” plucked right from episode four in the Bachelor segment we’re calling “the hometown before the hometowns.” America fell in love, or maybe in hate, with Corinne Olympios in none other than her potential future fiancé’s hometown of Milwaukee, WI. Spoiler: it didn’t work out.

Let’s be real, we were all out of our element watching a group date consisting of shoveling cow poop… and other farm chores. “I don’t do chores. What are farm chores?” Us either, Corinne, us either. Any girl who sticks around after a date like that, wife her up. I’m serious. Corinne was not having it and neither were we.

“I wouldn’t even let my nanny Raquel do farm chores.” If you didn’t love Corinne before, how could you not after the introduction of beloved, Nanny Raquel, the culinary artist behind the infamous cheese pasta? No, it’s not just mac & cheese.

With prices ranging from $22 to $26 and sizes from XS to XL there is something for everyone in this affordably trendy 22 piece clothing and accessory line. Here’s a closer look at her collection.

“Team Corn” Women’s Raw Edge Muscle Tank – $22

Love her or hate her, either way she’s still winning. Join the movement and show you’re support for #TeamCorn Also available in men’s T-shirt, women’s scoop, women’s crop top, and dad hat.  

“I Feel Like Corn” Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt – $26

Wake up every day feeling like corn with this long sleeve tee. If you feel like corn and you know it, wear this shirt.

“Platinum Vagine” Women’s Raw Edge Muscle Tank – $22

If you got it, flaunt it. Maybe even get yourself a trench coat and some whipped cream to really complete the whole package. It’s printed with metallic ink!

“Make America Corinne Again” Tee – $22 and Dad Hat – $24

What America needs right now is definitely just a little more Corinne. Make a statement with the “Make America Corinne Again” apparel. First order of business, cheese pasta for everyone. Available in unisex and men’s tee

 “I Feel Like Napping” Unisex Tee – $22

Everyone takes naps, even at the most inconvenient of times. Rose ceremony? Not for Corinne, she already had her rose. Just like Michael Jordan already made his mark in the NBA. 

“Dude I Need Sushi” Women’s Raw Edge Muscle Tank – $22

Who doesn’t need sushi? Not Corinne. Corinne needs sushi. 

“Ok, But First Cheese Pasta” Women’s Ringer Tee – $22

You might think it’s just mac & cheese, but when Raquel makes it, trust us, it’s cheese pasta. Corinne doesn’t settle for just mac & cheese and neither should you. Also available in scoop neck

“I Need a Raquel” Women’s Crop Top – $22

Raquel is the real MVP. Making a vat of cheese pasta for everyone at Women Tell All; now that’s dedication. We want, wait, need, a Raquel. Also available in men’s T-shirt and unisex tee.

“Cheese Pasta & Chill” Women’s Raw Edge Muscle Tank – $22

Netflix and Chill means nothing if cheese pasta isn’t involved. 

“OG Napper” Women’s Ringer Tee – $22

Even Abraham Lincoln would need a nap after renting a bouncy house for this potential future fiancé. 

Each piece of the “Team Corn” line is 50% polyester, 50% cotton, and don’t worry, you won’t need your very own Raquel because it’s all machine washable. 


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Molly Claire is a Journalism and Communication double major at UConn. She has a weird thing for killer whales, is a Hufflepuff, probably watches way more reality tv than is recommended. Molly's guilty pleasures include Shawn Mendes, pasta, and sunglasses collecting. She is in her fourth year as a pescatarian, and sometimes even she forgets. Molly's favorite things to blog about include college, greek life, travel, and The Bachelor. Check out her personal blog here and her other social media @mollyclairexo on Instagram and Twitter.