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Coping with the (Temporary) Death of the Red Line

Unless you’re one of those students I don’t like or don’t understand who happily chooses to walk everywhere on campus, you’ve probably noticed that the most convenient and beloved bus at UConn is no longer running. That’s right. While you were sleeping, Netflixing, having sex, crying, or doing whatever you do in your spare time (no judgment), the Red Line was busy DYING. Temporarily, but still. Even though it will be back next semester, it is very much not running for the entirety of this semester, a grueling fact I found out after I bought my W Lot pass solely because of the big Red. Shit. Below are just a few of the many detrimental effects of this devastating loss. 


When you think you’re doing okay but then accidentally mistake the B for an R and your whole day is ruined.


Envisioning yourself conquering the Towers stairs…



…only to do this.


Mapping out a route that requires the least amount of uphill walking possible because you’re a damn genius (and it’s syllabus week, so what else are you doing?).


Watching blissfully unaware people ride other buses that are still alive/unaffected by the never-ending construction.


Feeling sweaty, self-conscious of said sweat, nauseous, weak, faint, exhausted, wet in places you shouldn’t be, smelly, drained, starving, either constipated or about to blow, light-headed, cranky, and a searing cramp in your left rib which reaffirms that exercise will result in your imminent death… all before noon.


Walking by bae on campus only to realize you resemble Tom Hanks circa Cast Away and probably smell like him too.


Waiting for the bus for a solid five minutes only to realize the app is off and you have another nine to go.


Navigating through all of the closed sidewalks and one-ways on campus.


Trying to snag a seat on the bus which is now EVEN. MORE. CROWDED. 


Being betrayed by your Sperry’s (which are supposed to be comfortable shoes???) but they’re actually the SPAWN OF SATAN and result in the most painful blisters so you’re forced to do the Urkel all day.


Remembering all of the times good ol’ Red was there for you and realizing it was your most loyal friend.


When your bestie drives by and scoops you up, reminding you that car > bus.


Happy walking!


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