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Best Songs for a Breakup

Heartbreak always seems as if it’s the most excruciating type of pain to deal with. Everyone’s been through the emotional roller coaster that is the break up. It isn’t easy to deal with the burden of heartache, but lucky for us there are artists who celebrate the broken hearts. So crank up the volume, grab a box of tissues, and grab your hairbrush- microphone because it’s time to mend that broken heart. 

White Horse – Taylor Swift

Need a good cry? This will do it. Time and time again, no one quite understands the sting of heartbreak as well Ms. Swift. Her lyrics wander into that vulnerable yet dangerous territory of self- doubt and realization that always seems to haunt us post- breakup.

Amnesia– 5 Seconds of Summer

It is only when you add pop-punk to a heartache that you get the best kind of break-up ballad. You know that indescribable conglomerate of angst and pain you feel all at once when the break up happens, wishing you could forget all about it? 5 Seconds of Summer understands that struggle too.

Hello – Adele

Sometimes the pain of a heartbreak doesn’t fade away as quickly as you would like, especially when you’re the one who ended things. Nothing is worse than ending a relationship on negative terms, and seeking atonement is all we really crave.

The Chain– Fleetwood Mac

Cue the angst! I would never want to break the hearts of any of these lyrical masterminds. Salty good-byes, and bitter emotions are sometimes the only way to cope with heartache, and even in the 70’s Fleetwood Mac understood exactly what is was like to desperately try to hold on to person who swore to never “break the chain”.

Reflections – Misterwives

Put the tissues down, get up, and dance. It’s payback time! Take down the pictures of that lovely ex of yours, shed his hoodie that doesn’t smell nearly as great as it used to. You can get through this and the Misterwives will teach you how.

You Need Me, I Don’t Need You – Ed Sheeran

Undoubtedly Ed Sheeran is a genius lyricist who can eloquently describe almost any emotion, but it’s when he gets angry that a true masterpiece is made. This song may not be about a relationship, but the chorus will always make you feel better.

Cry Me a River– Justin Timberlake

If JT can cry, then it’s ok for me to cry too, right?  Second chances don’t always have to happen. Learn from Justin, if someone hurts you, they aren’t worth your time.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

Like ever.

Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones

This whole song makes you want to cuddle up with some tissues on a rainy day and allow yourself to feel bad. Part of getting over a relationship is feeling bad for yourself, and realizing that you will always have some left over feelings for your ex. “Wild Horses” may never keep Mick Jagger away from his love, but he learned to get through it, and you will too.

Single Ladies– Beyonce

Leave it up to Queen B to help you regain your confidence and feel fierce again. Often the best way to get over an ex is to put on a cute outfit and make the world your runway. Beyonce is always the ultimate remedy for any heartbreak.


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