Behind the Scenes of Uconn's 2nd Annual Catwalk to End Fat Talk

This past Sunday October 23rd, 2016 was the second annual Catwalk to End Fat Talk hosted by  Students Helping to Achieve Positive Esteem (also known as S.H.A.P.E.). A little background information behind the event, it originally took place at Trinity University in San Antonio. The event is to kick off the end of “Fat Talk Free Week”. The show goes beyond body shape, is diverse in skin color as well, with these young women and men standing proudly, showing off their bodies and that they are so much more than what meets the eye.

Behind the scenes, the other female models and I bonded while getting ready.  Nothing like snacking while discussing our favorite clothing brands or makeup products!

A model enjoying a quick burger to satisfy her appetite before the show. 


The magical process of what is better known as a "beat" face. 


I for one took charge of my sexuality being a part of this event.  I owned my femininity; a concept that so many people are threatened by. Here I stand with two other models who happen to be my close friends. For once, I did not feel I was competing against these girls, but instead standing proudly beside them.

A bathroom selfie between models (featuring a tampon in my hand). 


Let’s not forget the male models who were also a part of the show!

You may have noticed there was no uniform dress code among the models in the show because that’s just it: everyone is different and what they feel confident in varies. The models came out and stood proud in lab coats, dresses and super hero capes. Catwalk to End Fat Talk models embodied their mission to spread the idea of body positivity, self love, and body acceptance.  


*Photos courtesy of Cristina Figueroa and Kat Kelly.