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An Ode To Caesar Salad: My Personal Favs

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The Caesar salad. Paired perfectly with fries and a soda of your choice. The perfect meal. As the child of a Caesar salad connoisseur, I have tried many a salad and I am here to give my humble opinion on where to get a bomb caesar.

🥗 Panera’s Caesar Salad with Chicken

This one is pretty good! It is very simple, but in casear terms, that’s a good thing. Lettuce, parmesan shavings, croutons, shredded rotisserie chicken, and the dressing don’t leave much to the imagination but that’s the point. I love pairing it with a mix of agave lemonade and passionfruit green tea. I tend to steer clear of the charged lemonades due to the multiple fatalities caused by them, but the unspoken rule of free refills at Panera is a major plus. Overall, nothing crazy but simple isn’t a bad thing.  

🥗 Texas Roadhouse’s Caesar Salad

I know, it’s a steak house with some of the best bread in the game (I could eat a whole basket on my own), but don’t sleep on their salads. Texas Roadhouse salads are top-notch! My favorite part is the fact that they chill the salad plates, so the lettuce is perfectly chilly. Their Caesar is really good, whether you get the side or full size. There are even Reddit threads to get the recipe! But, if you’re going to get a salad from Texas Roadhouse, get the house salad. Very similar to the casaer ingredient wise: lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and croutons. But the best part is the hard-boiled egg, which adds a different texture. The dressing is up to you, but the best dressing at Texas Roadhouse is the parmesan peppercorn. It’s Caesar’s cool older sister in the dressing world.

🥗 New Haven Salad Shop’s Country Caesar Salad

This salad was what got me through high school. I love this salad so so so much. I usually go without the tomatoes due to personal preference, but it’s a bomb Caesar. It is on the pricier side, I’ll say that, but everything in downtown New Haven is stupid expensive because of the Yalie’s. The best part is hands down their homemade dressing. It’s more of a vinaigrette texture than a creamy dressing, but it is to die for. I would always get extra because it was that good. The chicken is also top-notch! They also have amazing smoothies if that’s what you’re looking for!

🥗 The Good Earth Build-your-own-salad

I had to throw in the Union salad shop because they make a mean salad! I get romaine lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, hardboiled egg, cheddar cheese, and crispy chicken with two scoops of Caesar. This is a loose interpretation of a Caesar but it’s so big and filling. It’s worth the points I spend on it! I haven’t tried the Caesar from Mango Café but that one also looks good. I wish UConn dining halls had the same caesar dressing that Good Earth has but in typical UConn fashion, we can’t have nice things.

🥗 bnatural kitchen Kale Caesar Salad

Hear me out, this is the best Caesar salad I’ve ever had, hands down. I hate kale, trust me, but this is a mix of kale and romaine, which makes it so crunchy. I don’t get the tomato salsa on top (who puts salsa on a Caesar?) but everything else is fair game. I want to marry this salad. I’ve shown the picture of this salad to people because I am that passionate about it. If I had a dating profile this would be on it because any man would be second to this salad. The chicken is a really well-seasoned shredded chicken that had me scraping the bottom of my dish. This salad is also on the pricier side but it’s New Haven. 11/10 salad. I will scream it from the rooftops.


I live, laugh, and love Caesar salads. It’s something my dad and I share and love over, so I hope to share that same Caesar salad love with whoever is reading this. To close, in the words of great Barstool Sports intern and Marist lacrosse player, @m00bie, “Imma get me a chicky caesar salit.”

Shelagh (shea-la) Laverty is a sophomore Journalism and Communications double major at the University of Connecticut. She's a first gen college student from New Haven, CT. When she's not writing she loves to bake, read, listen to music, hang out with friends and brag about New Haven Pizza! She's a twin and is a trained musician! She has quickly become a massive UConn anything fan, and loves getting involved with athletics any way she can!