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9 Shortcuts on Campus That Will Make Your Life Easier

It’s no question that the weather at UConn can be pretty crappy and unpredictable. One day it’s 10 degrees, windy, and blizzarding out, and the next day it’s 60 degrees and sunny. And let's not forget how it rains every Tuesday. Being on a campus this large with a bus system that never seems to be working in our favor can be pretty tedious and can ruin our day instantly if we have to walk to class in horrible weather. Here's a list of buildings and their entrances that you can use to cut through next time you find yourself walking across campus in bad weather.


1.  The Student Union

This one is a classic to cut through and if you haven’t been taking advantage of how perfect it is, now is the time to start doing so. The Union is the perfect place to cut through and warm up because it is pretty much everything you need. It will bring you anywhere you need to go that is near the center of campus.


2.  Gentry/Rowe

Gentry and Rowe are also great buildings to cut through. As someone who gets off the Engineering bus stop a lot and making my way to the Library or Oak, Gentry and Rowe have often saved me from the cold. It’s faster than the Union and almost just as effective. It may cause a slight delay, but would you rather have wind burn or walk an extra minute?


3.  Homer Babbidge

The Library is a great cut through if you’re going from Monteith/Arjona to Fairfield Way. Going in by Bookworms and cutting down to the main entrance will guarantee to warm you up. The only downside is that depending on where you’re going, it could be a huge detour that may not be worth your time. On the bright side, you can stop by Bookworms and get a nice hot chocolate or your mid-day caffeine pick-me-up.


4.  The Music Building

This one is way out of the way, but if you want to venture down to Storrs Center to grab some food, the Music Building is your best friend. Just like the Student Union, the length is what makes it so nice. You can pop in the back entrance near the parking lot and take it all the way to the end, and at that point all you have to do is cross the street and you’re right in the middle of Storrs Center. Insomnia, here we come!



The Math-Science Building and Bio Physics Building are actually connected on the inside. This makes cutting through amazing because if you live in North or Northwest. All you need to do is cut through this building and by the time you exit the other end, you’re almost near the center of campus already. MSB and BPB are perfect for cutting through to get to bus stops and dining halls.


6.  Laurel Hall

Laurel may not be super big, but it is right in the center of all the academic buildings and is perfect to cut through no matter where you’re going. You could be going to the Union, a bus stop, or the library, and it is still perfect to cut through. The best part is, it doesn’t take any extra time going through this building like it might with others.


7.  The Bookstore/Parking Garage

Although there’s no academic buildings over that way, a lot of students that commute or walk from Hilltop need to walk this way to get to campus. The parking garage isn’t heated, but the intersection by the bookstore and Gampel is notorious for being one of the windiest parts of campus. The parking garage will at least cut out some of that wind and you’d be surprised at how little goes such a long way.


8.  Wilbur Cross

Wilbur Cross is a great building to cut through on your way to Austin or even down by the School of Agriculture. It doesn’t cost any extra time and it’s the perfect length to warm you up before having to brace the cold again. Plus, it's also got Wilbur's Cafe in case you need a quick snack before class.


9.  School of Business/ITE

Cutting through the School of Business and ITE are pretty good alternatives for someone coming from the UConn Bookstore or a bus stop. Once you get out of the side of the School of Business, cutting through the back of ITE and out the front will bring you right to a handful of academic buildings and save you from the monster wind tunnel right behind ITE.

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