5 Unconvential Ways To Spend V-day

If you procrastinated your V-day plans up until you this moment, you’re in luck! This Valentines day, don’t shoot for satisfactory, shoot for superb. Here are five unconventional and exciting ways to spice up Valentine's day 2018!

1. Netflix Marathon is a wallet friendly option. Whether you prefer horror or romance, be prepared for a long night. Don’t forget to grab your favorite pink and heart shaped treats like chocolate covered pretzels and cupcakes.

2. Karaoke is always fun, and who better to be in your duet than your S.O. Jam out to some throwbacks and get ready to laugh. Keep it interesting with nothing off limits! BONUS: Valentine's Day falls on a Ted's Karaoke day! Grab a beaver and get out there! 

3. Laser tag is always going to be fun. Have you ever played one on one? Try to find an odd time to have the smallest crowd. Prove you’re as badass as you think you are.

4. Bowling is a great idea whether you’re amazing or an amateur. Regardless, you will have a great time trying to figure how you’re still losing with the bumpers on.

5. Escape rooms are for those looking for a thought provoking time. The themes are endless, including (but not limited to) zombie apocalypse, bank heist, prison cell break out and more!

Kick your “dinner and a movie” plans to the curb. Hope you spend V-day singing your heart out or racing against the clock.



Cover Image Source. Gifs are courtesy of giphy.com