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5 Things That Happened When I Started Going to The Gym At 6 A.M.

Going to the gym for me started as putting my dream into action to finally work off what I refer to as baby fat that makes up my petite 4’8” stature. I started going to the gym with a weight goal and the hope for visible abs. But after just three weeks, I gained so much more.

1.  I Started Eating Breakfast – Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day but before my early morning trips to the gym, I never woke up early enough to even have time for a quick trip to the dining hall. Going to the gym at 6 a.m. had my body screaming for food by 7:30, a perfect time for me to eat, walk back to my dorm, shower, and make it to class on time.

2.  Eating Healthy Came Easy – When I started pushing my body to work harder than I had been used to, my cravings for food with little sustenance subsided and were replaced for more nourishing alternatives. I no longer craved a bowl of cereal, but instead a bowl of oatmeal filled with fruit. Bananas became my candy bars, and my body loved me for it.

3.  My Days Became More Productive – By the time I was out of my classes around 12 p.m., my body was ready for lunch. Because I lived the last 6 hours on accelerate, it wasn’t hard to just keep going. After lunch, making a trip to the library to get some extra work done felt easy and I no longer craved curling up in bed and binge-watching the most recent hit show on Netflix.

4.  I Took More Naps – It didn’t feel like a bad thing! By 5 p.m., I was definitely feeling the effects of my full-steam-ahead lifestyle but while I felt worn out, I also felt accomplished and letting myself indulge in a one hour nap before dinner allowed my body to rejuvenate and push through until bedtime. There was no reason to feel bad about it because I had already completed a productive day. Since I had already finished my work for the day, between dinner and bed I had plenty of time to spend time with my friends and participate in the clubs I found interesting. I no longer felt like I needed to apologize for a little “me” time.

5.  Falling Asleep No Longer Took 45 Minutes – Before filling my day with stimulating activities, such as my cardio packed work outs, 3 hour dates with the library, and composing decently healthy meals with our college dining options, I was exhausted. The insomnia I faced all throughout middle school and high school was gone. I no longer sat awake staring at the ceiling. This was what really made me never want to stop, everything else was just a bonus.  

Some people go to the gym for a bikini body, they go to the gym to see the number get smaller on the scale. I may have started going to work off the extra weight in my thighs, but I got so much more out of it. My confidence has doubled, and not because I’m thinner. Getting good grades has become easier, and not because I cut out everything that wasn’t school work. Going to the gym has made me a much happier and healthier person. 10/10 would recommend.


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Molly Claire is a Journalism and Communication double major at UConn. She has a weird thing for killer whales, is a Hufflepuff, probably watches way more reality tv than is recommended. Molly's guilty pleasures include Shawn Mendes, pasta, and sunglasses collecting. She is in her fourth year as a pescatarian, and sometimes even she forgets. Molly's favorite things to blog about include college, greek life, travel, and The Bachelor. Check out her personal blog here and her other social media @mollyclairexo on Instagram and Twitter. 
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