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The 5 Stages of Picking Classes at UConn

It’s that time of year again…picking classes.  Anyone who has experienced it for more than five minutes knows the struggle every Husky has endured with Student Admin.  If you have managed to avoid wanting to throw your laptop across the room while picking classes, you should probably go out and test your luck with the lottery.  For the rest of us, you most likely can relate to these feelings when picking your schedule. 

1. Excitement

            It’s a new semester!  You’re thinking about how much more organized you’ll be and how you’re going to study every night and get that 4.0 GPA.  We’re all thinking about the new and exciting classes you’re going to take and which of your friends might be in the class with you.  Don’t get too crazy though, this stage lasts the shortest amount of time.

2. Denial

            No… All these classes you need CAN’T be closed.  No way.  But, it’s probably fine, right?  You’ll find one that’s similar enough and you’ll be just fine next semester.  You try to remain calm as you see more and more red “X’s” on the page pop up.

3. Frustration

            Okay, SERIOUSLY?  Every class that you need is closed.  Frantically pressing every possible class that is in the subject you need to take, you’re praying that something opens up and you get can into the class you need to graduate on time.  Oh, and to add to your pains, Student Admin will give you a glimmer of hope with the green circle and then crush it by telling you that the open seats are reserved to people of that major. And then it will log you out of the system for the SIXTH TIME IN A ROW.

4. Anger

            Well by now, you’re about ready to throw your computer out the window and just drop out of college all together.  Irrational thinking and lots of swears are thrown around, while your roommates slowly back out of the room as to avoid getting something thrown at their head. 


5. Sadness

            You just have to accept it now.  You’re going to be in some weird history class that doesn’t even pertain to your major.  I suggest grabbing some unhealthy food, closing your Student Admin tab and opening Netflix for the next couple hours. 

Picking classes is a hard time for every student, and the Wi-Fi going out every couple minutes and Student Admin needing to be refreshed every five minutes really doesn’t help.  We wish you the best of luck and hope you don’t have too many accidental 8 AM’s this coming semester.  

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