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5 Internship Outfit Ideas For This Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Conn chapter.

After months of applying and interviewing, you finally did it. You landed a summer internship. With the semester slowly wrapping up and us heading into finals season, it’s time to consider your look this summer. Your outfit can depend on where you’re working, whether it’s in the city or somewhere a little more rural. Or even if your internship is business casual, smart casual, or entirely professional dress code. You could have different experiences based on so many different factors.

There are so many questions leading up to your first day that it can be extremely nerve-racking for some people, myself included. You’re entering a new environment with new coworkers, a whole new opportunity, and a busy summer. So, to help settle down those nerves and kick start a successful summer journey full of learning opportunities, let’s look into some outfit ideas so you can feel stylish and comfortable and put your best foot forward on your first day.

Blazer with some fitted pants

Maintaining a more professional style for your first day may not be a bad choice. It’s hard to go wrong with a nice blazer and wide-legged pants. Pair the combo with a nice shirt, and you’ve got a sleek look that shows you’re ready to get down to business and start your day off strong.

Lightweight cardigan with a nice pair of jeans

Another comfortable and chic look would be a lightweight cardigan so you don’t overheat too much, with a nice pair of jeans. However, as a heads-up, you might want to avoid wearing ripped jeans, which usually don’t fit the business or casual dress code, but your office may have a different policy. Either way, with this look, you look like you’re ready to go for your day at work and look good in an outfit you may even want to wear off-duty.

Mock Neck Sleeveless top & wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are perfect for office wear, and mock-neck sleeveless tops are creeping into style. They make you feel like you’re ready to take on your first day. With this outfit combo, theoretically, you’d have a trendy outfit that is perfect for the office and later out on the town.

blouse with midi skirt

A blouse paired with a midi skirt is a great way to stay cool in the summer without having to sacrifice your professionalism. You get a stylish outfit that you can pair in many different colors, have an “office-appropriate fit,” and stay cool through that summer heat. Who said office wear can’t be cute and fun?

A nice T-shirt with some trousers

With a nice-fitting tee and trousers, you have a sporty-chic outfit that looks fresh and modern. A cute combo might be a colorful shirt and keeping your trousers on the darker side, but who knows? You could even mix and match certain colors of your trousers with a cute monochromatic tee, and then you’re golden. You put a bit of personality and life into your outfit while being able to tackle any work-related matter that day.

Regardless of what you wear, make sure it makes you feel good. This way, you can walk in on your first day and feel good, look good, and be ready to take on any new challenge they throw your way. First days are always nerve-racking. Make sure you start off on a good foot by looking at your greatest. And last and foremost, good luck.

Khrystyna is a junior at the University of Connecticut majoring in Marketing. She has published a book called "Faded Reality." During her free time, she loves reading, scrapbooking, and fishing. Her fun fact is that she knows five languages.