22 Signs You're Addicted to Your Fitbit

If you’re just like me, you’ve been thinking about heading to the gym, tracking your calorie intake, or just too poor to afford an Apple Watch, so you decided to splurge a little and buy a Fitbit. With their newest design being much smaller than their first few products, the Fitbit Alta was the p-e-r-f-e-c-t gift to get myself. I’ve slowly learned that I am slightly addicted to my Fitbit. Are you too? Here’s some signs that might help you find out:


1. You obsessively check how many steps you have every five minutes.

2. When you get the reminders to take 250 steps you walk in circles in your room to make sure your Fitbit doesn’t think you’re lazy.

3. You add every single person, even your best friend’s mom, on the Fitbit app in hopes of beating them all in competitions.

4. Accessorizing your bar outfit with a bracelet? Sorry, I’ll be wearing my Fitbit. There’s no way I’m giving up all of those steps!

5. The first thing you do when you wake up is check how you slept. Your Fitbit is so smart it knows when you’re sleeping, restless, and awake.

6. Your wrist starts vibrating uncontrollably and you realize you finally hit your daily goal and can’t contain your excitement.

7. Every time you get a new badge you tell everyone... it's as if you won the Nobel Peace Prize.

8. You start taking the stairs instead of the elevator so you can get those steps in.

9. If you’re beating your friends in a competition you ‘taunt’ them because they aren’t as accomplished as you.

10. When you aren’t wearing your Fitbit you feel completely naked.

11. Take the bus? No thanks. I need to reach my goal today.

12. Whenever you see someone else with a Fitbit your immediate reaction is to ask them why you aren’t friends on the app.

13. Refusing to leave your bed while your Fitbit is charging because you will miss out on all of those steps.

14. You watch your step count slowly go up because it’s simply a beautiful sight.

15. Practically sobbing because you have to take off your Fitbit while showering. You mean I won’t be able to get those 3 steps into the shower?

16. When you only have 1,000 steps on a Sunday morning you feel like you should be doing something with your life.

17. You’re actually excited to get a tan line from your Fitbit.

18. You try to think of ways to increase your step count without actually moving your body *Cough cough clapping cough*

19. You feel the need to explain why you didn’t reach your goal.

20. But when you do reach your goal, you make sure everyone knows you walked to Arjona 3 times today.

21. When your Fitbit dies and you're still on campus you decide to take the bus. It's not like your steps count now anyway. 

22. You don’t understand how you ever survived the past 20 years of your life without a Fitbit. 

I hate to break it to you, but if you’ve agreed with any of these… you’re addicted; so welcome to the club.




Cover Image Credit / edited by Lexi Fragola