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14 Struggles We Face After Returning to Campus From Spring Break

We all knew this day would come. Spring break has ended and the after-break-blues have hit us hard. It’s that time where we have to get back to reality, responsibilities, and this thing called “being an adult”. While the parties may be over and alarms must be set once again, don’t you feel great knowing you’ll be getting back to a great education and being a productive contribution to society? Me either. Here is a list of struggles we all face going back to school after spring break.


1. Having to go back to sharing a bathroom with at least 50 other people.

This means starting to wear shower flip flops, bringing a shower caddy, and dealing with the disgusting mess people leave behind.


2. The dreadful UConn snow and wind.

New England got pounded with a snow storm right in the middle of spring break so lucky for us, we got to go back to all of that snow. Yay! (If you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm.) To make matters worse, the wind just rips through you like paper so be prepared for that.


3. Speaking of the snow and wind, don’t even think about taking the bus.

We all know how well relying on the bus system works out. Get ready to walk everywhere.


4. The amount of work you let pile up over break.

We all make the claim that we will catch up on work, but never do and end up panicking on Sunday night (and then probably most of the week).


5. Leaving your pet at home while you go back to school.

It's a whole new level of sadness that destroys you from the inside out. Can’t we all just agree that it would be better if we brought our pets to share the love?


6. Dining hall food.

Nothing beats a nice home cooked meal, and we sure will miss Mom’s lasagna.


7. Being in the middle of nowhere.


If you want to do anything fun, you better have a car or find someone with a car because everything is at least ten minutes away.


8. The aroma of fresh manure.

Weather is (supposedly) warming up and that means campus will smell like a farm for the rest of the semester.


9. Having to set your morning alarms again.

Get ready to start being productive during daylight hours. Pray for those who have 8:00 a.m. classes.


10. Figuring out housing and classes for next year.

Housing and class pick times always happen just a few days after spring break and it’s arguably one of the most stressful times of the year. Everything here is competitive. No one wants to end up living in North or missing out on a class they need to graduate on time. May your pick times be ever in you favor.


11. Having to resort to the crappy bars on campus.

Unfortunately, there are no other bars nearby that you can afford or are willing to drive to. Hey, you’ve had a long week. You need somewhere to go! Somewhere is better than no where.


12. Finally opening HuskyCT after a week of not checking it.

Opening the page, seeing the red number of all the notifications you have and seeing that grades from some of your classes were posted. You don’t even want to know.


13. Having to wake up early to print your homework from the library.

For those who have printers, we all envy you because you made a better choice than the rest of us.


14. Dealing with neighbors.

Even worse, dealing with neighbors with thin walls. Is it necessary to stay up until 2:00am every night playing music and stomping around like you don’t have neighbors below you? I don’t think so.

Going back is always a struggle, but it'll get easier and summer will be here before we know it! What's your least favorite part of coming back to school? Tweet us your thoughts @UConnHC?


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