“‘The Writers Room’: An Unbiased Review”

As the school year rolls to a start, many of you may have noticed a new bar on campus, “The Writers Room.” As a server at said bar, I have written my grittiest and most honest review.  I also share some secrets along the way!

Aside from the obvious error plastered all over the restaurant (ask a friendly neighbourhood English major what possessive apostrophes are for), “The Writers Room” is exactly the bar that campus was looking for. Speaking to its name, the atmosphere is so relaxed and chill to the point where I have written there. This article in fact! The staff have a vibe that match, casual and upbeat. The cure needed for your final’s week blues. The music so good, I wouldn’t be embarrassed playing it in front of my friends at a party. 

“A bar with surprisingly good food” is the slogan of “The Writers Room”, however, if you knew anything about Chef David George Husereau, you would not be surprised. Aside from his appearance on “Chopped Canada” Season One, Episode 16 "For the Love of Cod" which is entertaining in itself, Husereau brings an amazing twist to classic dishes that I love to indulge in after every shift! From their “Kraft Dinner” with “East coast lobster, crisp prosciutto, sour pickle, fresh dill,” to their “Fish&Chips” with fresh halibut drenched in “Miss Vickie’s” salt and vinegar chips! 

Do your homework there… or don’t! Grab a drink, or a “Fictional Libation.” See how many authors on the wall you can identify. Watch their ridiculously stupid Facebook videos, or worst case (best case) scenario, you can write!

Photo By Mara Palahniuk