Why You Should Consider Taking a Spring/Summer Class

For many students, taking Spring/Summer classes sounds like a nightmare. Instead of taking a hard earned break from school to work and hang out with friends, you have to keep going to class and doing assignments. But in my opinion, taking Spring/Summer classes can be great! Here's why:

  1. 1. Being on Campus in the Spring/Summer is Awesome

    This one isn't the most persuasive of the points, but it's definitely worth mentioning! Campus is beautiful at this time of year. Plus, there's way less people around, so you don't have to worry about crowds and lines.

  2. 2. They’ll Lighten Your Course Load

    Taking a class or two in the Spring/Summer can really lighten your course load during the regular academic term. Students always have a lot going on, especially if you work or are in any extra curriculars. Taking Spring/Summer classes can give you the freedom to take the amount of courses that works for you, your health, and your commitments.

  3. 3. You Can Easily Work at the Same Time

    If you have a summer job, it’s definitely possible to take Spring/Summer courses and work full (or close to full) time. In this case, it's also beneficial to take a course with a smaller amount of assignments or choose what you consider an “easy” class for you (we all know classes are never actually easy) if study time is something you're concerned about. In the past, I’ve taken both Hecol 201 and Drama 102 in the Spring term and found them both quite laid back, with Hecol 201 having very little out of class time requirements.

  4. 4. They're Shorter Than Normal Terms

    Spring/Summer terms are only 6 weeks, so it's less overall time spent having to think and stress about that course than in a regular term. While classes are usually a bit longer, with more information packed in, the information is very manageable, because this is the one class (or one of two classes) that you are immersing yourself in. Because of this, it may also be beneficial for you to approach a more challenging class, as you will be able to devote all of your attention to it.