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Tips on How to Persevere Your Mental Health During Social Distancing

As weeks are going by and we are stuck in our house and need to practice social distancing, it can be really hard to cope and find ways to keep a healthy mindset and keep your mental health under control. With days getting longer and no definite word as to when we can stop social distancing, it’s important to find the positives in our time of isolations and we need to find ways to take care of our mental health. So here are five simple tips to preserve your mental health while we wait for this to be over.


1) Stretch/Workout/ Yoga

Working out is so important in order to keep your physical health and mental health together. There are tons of YouTube videos to keep you going and motivated. There are videos for every level of fitness and you will be able to find one that suits your needs easily.


2) Drink Water

You’re going to be rolling your eyes. It is something that is so simple but making sure you’re staying hydrated and keep your body hydrated will help your mental health and keep you energized. Alcohol, as much as it passes the time away, can cause your mental health to deteriorate.



Just because you are social distancing doesn’t mean you have to avoid outside completely. Feel free to go on a walk or jog outside in your neighborhood. But respect social distancing and keep 6 feet apart from others at all times. Fresh air will give you motivation and clear head and sometimes going outside puts us back into a good frame of mind.


4) Skype/ Call a Loved One.

It’s important to call or video chat our loved ones as everyone is going through the same thing. We need to support others and try to find some sort of norm in all the craziness. So, video chatting loved ones and friends may take your mind off things and allow you to catch up with them. 


5) Spring Cleaning

Out with the old in with the new. You now have a bunch of free time to clean your house and declutter everything you don’t use, touch, or like anymore. It’s the perfect time to get things sorted out and decluttered so you can start the rest of the year organized.

Kate Puim

U Alberta '24

Visual Communications graduate turned psychology student. I'm a master at finding affordable beauty products and stylish outfits. I dig coffee, chocolate, bold lipstick and pandas. Mental health advocate and your new best friend.
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