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Three Strategies to Cope With Remote Classes

Fall 2020 is here, in spite of the fact that this year has felt like one long, never-ending rough day. With life’s “new normal” taking over, I, along with a lot of you, am taking remote classes. As someone who took at least one online class per semester throughout my university career, I thought I would be well-prepared for this. The truth is, though, that I am terrified. I know you may be too. I’m going into my fourth year and the thought of having to spend my last year of university life staring at a screen is less than desired. All fears aside, though, I do plan to make the best out of these strange times. I want to be able to talk about my last year of university as if it were an adventure and not just an endless cycle of staring at a computer screen. So, here are three strategies I plan to use to help me survive this remote school year:


Invest in Blue Light Filter Glasses

Taking five classes while staring at my laptop all day can be hard on the eyes. Take into account the fact that I am consistently staring at my phone when I’m not doing schoolwork, and I have the exact ingredients for a daily ocular headache and fatigue. Blue light blocking lenses help to filter out harsh light that emits from screens. Prescription and non-prescription versions are available in most optical stores and even online on sites such as firmoo, clearly, and amazon. These glasses can range from $25 to $250+ depending on your frame preferences and prescription. If you have the means to invest in something for school and your eye health, though, blue light blocking glasses are a wise investment.

Don’t Stay in Last Night’s PJ’s

As tempting as it can be to roll out of bed (or stay in it) and watch that week’s pre-recorded lecture, I find it hard to stay awake and motivated if I stay in my pajamas all day. Even when I’m staying at home all day, I make a conscious effort to “get ready” every morning. My typical morning routine consists of changing into a fresh set of pajamas or comfy loungewear, washing my face, and brushing my teeth before I sit down at my desk. That way, I am fully awake and ready to face the day because I have transitioned from night to day, even if I’m still in a baggy t-shirt.

Get Outside

When I’ve been inside all day, my body craves the outdoors. Whether it’s a short walk, a drive, or having class outside on my back porch, the outside air just does something for me. Sometimes, a change of scenery is necessary when I’m feeling stuck or down. Just because classes are remote, doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself indoors. Enjoy being able to go outside before we once again hit the point where the air hurts your face when you walk into freezing temperatures.

It may not seem like a lot, and it truly isn’t. These three small things, however, can make this upcoming semester more bearable. Remote classes aren’t ideal, but they’re necessary for protecting those we love, those who are vulnerable, and us – students that are preparing to become the future of society.


Maia de Borja

U Alberta '21

Maia (my-uh) is in her fourth year at the University of Alberta. She is working towards a Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in English and minor in ESL. In her spare time you can find Maia studying with a chai latte close by, at the gym, at one of her three part time jobs,volunteering or exploring town with her boyfriend and friends (usually in the pursuit of good food!) You can follow her on Instagram at @maiadeborja
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