Sneaking Healthy(er) Options into a Balanced Diet

  1. 1. Put a handful of kale or spinach (or both) into a fruity or tropical smoothie. 

    This is my favourite way to get in some sneaky greens in the morning, and you usually can’t even taste them! Just make sure you use just as much (if not more) frozen fruit (bonus fruit/veg servings) as greens, and you will be sipping on a delicious treat, packed full of nutrition.

  2. 2. Add zucchini and/or spinach to pasta dishes.

    I love pasta, and while “zoodles” are an incredible plant-based alternative, sometimes I just need a good bowl of carb-y pasta. Lately I’ve been adding grated  zucchini and a few handfuls of spinach into my pasta dishes. Like the smoothie, you barely taste the veggies, but you reap all of the health benefits of eating more greens!

  3. 3. Pre-wash and cut fruits and veggies for a speedy snack.

    The moment I get home from the grocery store with my carrots, broccoli, peppers, grapes, etc. I toss them into the sink (wash your produce!!!) and then straight onto a cutting board. Cutting them up into snackable pieces and separating into grab-and-go containers has been a life-saver. When I find myself going to the pantry for a treat I will snack on some fruit or veg before I reach for the chips or cookies. The key is doing it as soon as you get home from the grocery store because be honest, you won’t choose the veggies if they take time and effort later on.

  4. 4. Drink a glass of water every time you bored-wander to the fridge or pantry.

    When was the last time you had a glass of water? Are you really hungry or thirsty? I am all for treating yourself, eating a balanced variety of foods, and honouring your hunger, but by tackling thirst before bored-snacking, you are hydrating and honouring your body’s true needs. 

  5. 5. Choose sparkling water over soda (sometimes).

    I’m a root-beer fiend, and I love a cranberry-gingerale around the holidays, but the extreme amounts of sugar (my dad calls soda “pimple juice”) and empty calories are not so great for you. I love the carbonation in soda, and I find that sparkling waters such as Bubbly or La Criox curb the soda craving (until the weekend at least).