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books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf
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My Top 5 UofA Sudy Spots

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Alberta chapter.

As my homework load is piling up since starting my fourth year of a BA Honours Degree with a Drama major and Biology minor, I realized that throughout the years of such an interdisciplinary degree, I have really utilized a diversity of study spots. Here are my 5 favourite places to study on campus!

The Guberman Reading Room – Drama Department, FAB 3rd Floor.

This small room in the back corner of the drama department of FAB hosts a library of plays and practical theatrical method texts. It also comes with a decent sized table, some comfy corner chairs and plenty of silence and solitude. 

Pro: More often than not, you will be the only person in here.

Con: The drama floor locks at 4:30 to non-drama students so it’s not always accessible. 

Small Study Pods – Upper Level of CCIS in the Offices

These little pods in the upper levels of CCIS are such a great place to hunker down in. Each one comes with their own giant window and most of them have whiteboards to keep track of all your ideas. They’re in the middle of the offices in CCIS so they are pretty quiet but still allow for discussion. Some of them are even close to some little kitchenettes with microwaves and kettles.

Pro: Due to the large window, they’re often really warm and sunny even in the winter.

Con: There aren’t too many of them and they are a hot commodity and hard to find a free one. 

Atrium – Agriculture/Forestry Building

This room is honestly aesthetic goals. There are exposed beams, grey metal tables/chairs, tons of green plants, brick walls and a ton of windows. Honestly one of the most beautiful places on campus!

Pro: The plants are inside so catch me there in the winter for a bit of greenery and Vitamin D

Con: It is a pretty popular place so it can be a bit noisy and crowded

Library – St. Joseph’s College

This little library is a hidden gem on campus. Nestled in the basement of St. Joseph’s College, this little library features plenty of plug ins, some greenery and individual tables. It has a very quaint, old, prestigious University feeling and is very cozy. 

Pro: St. Joe’s sometimes gives out free food so you’re close to that! Also its very quiet and not busy.

Con: There’s a weird amount of stairs to get down to it, so once you’re there you kind of want to hunker down and it’s hard to just pop out of to get food/coffee. 

Harry Potter Reading Room/Common Room – Second Floor Rutherford (South)

This always has been and will be my go to study spot. Many a great memory was made here. Many flashcards made, coffees drank, subs eaten and movie soundtracks listened to. Whether you’re in the quiet Harry Potter reading room, known for its old library style feel, long tables and grand aesthetic; or in the adjoined social study area, this place will guide you to that 4.0. 

Pro: Where to start, it’s close to HUB for all your snacking needs, it is always a good temperature, and you have the joy to pick between silent focused studying or social, chatty studying.

Con: If I had to pick one, it’s that the bathrooms are in the basement so if you gotta go, you’re taking a ton of stairs. 

Throughout my variety of courses from Theatre History to the Evolution of Microbial Life, these study spots have never failed me. I have two years (including this one) left of my degree and I genuinely will miss the feeling of accomplishment a good study session at these spots would give me. The University of Alberta is such a beautiful campus and with hidden gems like these, all the stress of school is worth it. 

Breanna Twist

U Alberta '21

Breanna is a third year Drama student at the University of Alberta. She is a geek at heart and loves to spend time performing plays, reading and watching The Bachelor.
Robin is a senior student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. She is getting a Science Degree, with a Psychology major and a double minor in Sociology & Biology. Part-time jobs, full-time classes, various student groups and volunteering fill most of her time. Robin is the 2020/2021 President of Her Campus at UAlberta and served as the social media director for the 2018/2019 year!